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Saturday, November 8, 2008

there's been soooo long x update blog ni..

I am so so so sorry gurlz...
i dah lame xupdate my blog..
bz n xde mase nk update blog...
ok2..for my latest news!
starting with:

kebaya biru yg i xboley pkai,
i dah pkai time rayer aritu..
dah muat...

ni my latest pic...
berat mula2 around 65kg or 66kg..
but now..guess how much i dah lost weight??
latest i timbang, berat i dah 61kg dlm mase sebulan..
ok ar tu..
pipi i pn dh susut skit..
bdn pn dh kurang kembang..
see!! i dh boley pkai sweater black red tu yg trgolong dlm baju2 yg i xmuat..
tp now dh muat n longgar...

ni plak my pic awal2 sem..
time p jogging ngan ninie keliling uitm
best jugak ar..
tapi segan skit coz student rmai..
time ni bdn i mmg dasyat ler..
kembang sedunia..

ni pic before rayer..
tgklah pipi ku...

ni pic time rayer ari tu...
cousin ramai ckp i makin gemok..
padehal ma mom ckp i dah susut..
xth mane nk percaye...

itu jerlah yg i dpt update..
skrg ma exersice routine trpakse di berhentikan coz bz design..
tapi i still cover balik with sit ups n crunch..
skipping pn kadang2..klo ade ms lebey skit..
so, sbg reminder..
dont ever forget to do your exercise wlwpn bz..
sekejap jer..
15minit or 20 minit..
cukuplh tu..

wish me all the best!!
from 61kg, i'll try to go until 50kg sumthin..