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Friday, July 29, 2011

Boost your metabolism and lose weight faster

What is metabolism?
Metabolism is the process by which your body converts calories from food into energy. People often believe that a slim person’s metabolism is high and an overweight person’s metabolism is low, but this isn’t usually the case. Metabolism alone does not
determine your weight. Rather, weight is dependent on the balance of calories consumed versus the calories burned. Eat more calories than you need — you gain weight. Eat fewer calories than you need — you lose weight. Metabolism is merely the body’s engine that burns calories and regulates your caloric needs.

Here are ways to boost your metabolism, so you can burn fat fast:

-The first thing you need to do is add breakfast to your daily meal planner. Although many people don’t like eating breakfast, it gives your body the rev up it needs to launch your metabolism. A 250-calorie snack is all it takes to boost your metabolism in the morning

-Another way to increase your metabolism is to add spices to your food. According to the U.S. Agricultural Research Service, Cinnamon is one spice that increases your metabolism twentyfold — and all you have to ingest is a mere 1/4 to 1 tsp per day!

-While you’re planning your meals, you may want to add kiwi fruit to your diet. Kiwis pack a lot of vitamin C, but if you add 500 mg of it to your day, you burn up to 39% more fat when you’re exercising. Don’t get too much C, though, because once you get to the 2,000 mg mark, you start experiencing adverse effects like bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

-Another metabolism boosting measure is to watch what you drink. Adding ice to a drink makes your body work harder because it has to heat it up in your stomach, which increases your metabolism. Also, ingesting a caffeine drink like coffee or tea can raise your heart rate and increase your metabolism.

-Where you’re eating can be just as important as what you’re eating. When you’re having breakfast in the morning, try positioning yourself near a window so that you can soak up some sun. The bright light boosts your metabolism and also helps you increase bone and muscle strength

-Make sure you’re getting enough chromium in your diet to help your body burn more calories. Chromium, which is found in tomatoes and in a supplement form, also boosts the way you burn fat. According to MedlinePlus, meat, eggs, green pepper, apples, banana and spinach are also good sources of chromium. When you supplement 120 mcg of chromium daily, your body benefits by revving up its metabolism.

-If you really want to kick-start your metabolism, you may also try dividing your meals up into smaller portions that you eat more often throughout the day. Every time you eat, it helps your metabolism rise, so as strange as it may sound, eating frequently can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.Don’t eat fewer than 1,000 calories a day. Your body and metabolism thrive on food. When you fast or crash diet, your metabolism will slow down in order to conserve energy. Imagine your metabolism as a blazing fire. If the fire burns consistently with the appropriate amount of high-quality wood, it will burn at a steady rate. But if it doesn’t have enough wood, the fire goes out. If it has too much wood, it can get out control — just like your waistline!
  • Eat every four to five hours. Our bodies work hard to digest and absorb the foods we eat, and your metabolism revs up in response. This is called the thermic effect of food. Take full advantage of this and schedule meals and snacks every four to five hours.
  • Make breakfast a priority. Studies show that people who regularly eat a healthy breakfast within two hours of rising are more likely to control their weight. This may be because you’re lifting your metabolic rate after it’s been in a “resting phase” during the night.
  • Eat protein with every meal:All foods create a thermic effect and will slightly boost your metabolism. However, eating protein gives your body a bigger metabolic boost than eating carbohydrates or fats. Plus, eating enough protein will ensure you’ll maintain and build muscle mass. (Remember, the more muscle mass you have, the greater your metabolic rate). Make sure to incorporate lean protein into most every meal.

Best protein sources: fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, lean red meat, skim milk, nonfat yogurt, eggs and egg substitutes, tofu, beans, and lentils.

Meal Examples:

  • Breakfast: yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Lunch: turkey burger on whole-grain bun and a salad
  • Dinner: grilled chicken with vegetables and a baked potato


  • Do aerobic exercise four to five days a week. Aerobic activities, such as running, brisk walking, swimming and bike riding, burn calories and increase metabolism while you’re working out. Several studies show that aerobic activities cause your metabolism to stay at an elevated level for a period of time after you have finished exercising.
  • Work in strength-training exercise two to three days a week. Lifting weights and other strengthening activities, such as doing push-ups or crunches, on a regular basis will actually boost your resting metabolism all day. That’s because these activities build muscle. And once again, muscle burns more calories than body fat. In fact, if you have more muscle, you burn more calories — even if you’re sitting still.
  • When it comes to supplements, I do not recommend them. The ingredients that are effective tend to boost metabolism only slightly and they can be risky. High doses of stimulants can make you jittery, and increase heart rate and blood pressure.
  • The bottom line: The safest and most effective way to boost your metabolism is to eat an appropriate amount of food every four to five hours, incorporate a portion of lean protein into each meal, and exercise regularly!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Akan Sunyi Sementara~

Dear babes,

Hey korang! Diane dah beberapa ari dh x update new entries for blog nie...Kenape ea?? dah give up nk losing weight kew?? HAHAHAHAHHAHA! NO NO NO~ belum give up lagewww~ long way to go...cume skang ni Diane sibuk dengan urusan life sket...nak pindah rumah lah, nk prepare daily schedule tuk masuk bulan pose ni lah and macam2 lagi~ keje kat opis pon melambak2 nak kne settlekan..klo ngadap blog, mmg xsiap ar keje kt opis ni...

So, ape progress my weight right now...humm...i still dlm level plateau lah...arituh ingatkan 64kg dah lepas 63kg dh kire selamat...rupe2nyer belum...still ngah struggle nak break plateau...skang evrytime naek scale my weight will only around those 3 area jew (62kg-63kg-63.7kg-63kg-62.8kg)...Perrghh!! panas ati tgk jarum scale tuh! Sebab tulah skg i ngah struggle giler2 tuk betol2 break my plateau...agaknyer bler berat dh 60kg baru break kooott?? entahlah... So i p access Abg Kevin Zahri punyer blog on how to break weight plateau...Die bagi tips:

5 tips to help you break that stubborn plateau:

  1. 1.

    Cut more calories. This is decrease the “calories in” portion of the equation making your body lose more weight.

  2. 2.

    Increase cardio exercise. This makes your body burn more calories. Hence increasing the “calories out” portion.

  3. 3.

    Start weight training Muscles require more fuel to burn. More fuel equals more calories being burnt.

  4. 4.

    Watch the fats Fats a packed with calories. 1g of carbs or protein contain 4 calories. 1g of fat contains 9 calories! More than double. Its all about the calories baby!

  5. 5.

    Eat more often What? Makan lebih? Tak gemuk ke? hahaha no lah. here we mean that you should consume 5-6 smaller meals per day. This will help your body be more active (boost your metabolic rate). More active means more calorie being used.

  • **Eat less and/or look at the quality of your diet. Make sure it is balanced.
  • **Exercise more but make sure no matter how much cardio you do that you work in weight training as well.
  • **Combination of the two
  • Ok..Biler Abg Kevin dah bagi tips macam tu, i know what to do next.... kali ni agak kne hardcore sket ar... i think i should cut my sugar totally semaximum yg boleh...huhhh...seksa seyh! I've already cut oil, fats, sodium in my diet 2months ago...cume sugar jew yg susah sket coz bleyh di katekan ape jew makanan yg kite makan or minum ari2 ade sense of sugar....huisyhhh~ kne bertapa lagi tuk pikirkan camne nk cut sugar...

  • Neway, last weekend i p shopping baju raya with my booboo...p Angsana tuk shopping baju raye...sne banyak baju yg latest2 lah...hahaha~ awal kan i shopping baju raye? bulan pose belum masok lg (mggu depan baru start pose) tp i dh giler bersemangat p bli baju raye...Sepanjang p cari baju, i mmg dah target tuk pkai kebaya pario tuk raya kali ni...sbb dh bertahun2 niat kt ati ni nak pkai kebaya kain pario tp xkesampaian sbb i ade muffins top...giler memalukan klo pkai terpakse tanam jewlah angan2 tu jauh kt dlm ati ni...Guess watt?? i bought a pair of totally CUTE PINK KEBAYA PARIO with size M!!! hah!! TAKE THAT!! dah 3tahun xpkai kebaya, ape lg kebaya pario, kali ni baru dpt merase...Terasa bahagia mase p try baju kebaya tu arituh...Hepi bler dh boleh pkai kebaya M - 38 (sebelom ni saiz 40-42 klo cari kebaya biase) dan kain pario yg free size akhirnyer boleyh di ikat dipinggang tanpa menampakkan muffins top!! sebab muffins top dah mengecik!!! yeay!!! sangat bahagia!!! TERUS BELI BAJU TUH DENGAN HARAPAN TIME PAGI RAYE NNTI SAIZ BADAN LAGI MENGECIK DR SIZE YG I BLI NI...!!! saiz M ni gam2, just nice to i target 60kg bg pagi raye!!! u can Diane!! yes u can!!!

  • Arini plak ngah pose sunat & pose ganti...semalam mase kuar p shopping & dating ngan booboo, ktorg bedal yong taufu lunch & dinner...sebab xtahu nk makan ape yg selamat...sume makanan kat luar high calories!! Dats y we decided to stick with yong taufu sepanjang ari...p wayang dh xde bli soda or pop corn dahh~~ heee~ ;) Makan agak banyak gak ar semalam...harap2 by 'fasting' arini dpt lower back my calories yg dh ambek semalam...blek opis ni kang p hit gym sampai magrib..magrib buke HL milk & sebijik fuji apple..then sambung workout blek...blek dari gym kang klo ade slere makan, i makan ar..klo xminum susu & makan biskut jew...sok baru prepare bekal tuk lunch & breakfast...

  • Tapi seyeslah, i kne workout hard lagi akhir bulan ni sbb semggu ni jewlah tggal klo nak burn fats habis habisan, next week dh start pose...maybe 2 or 3 ari start pose xp gym kott, buat exercise ringan2 jew coz nk badan adapt dlu ngan pose + workout routine...slow2lah....i ade sebulan tggal too achieve my weight 60kg by pagi raya (which now is 62.9kg) and extremely kne control diet time raye...think i cant do that?? we'll see... yg penting determination, consistancy & dicipline...after raye i xkan lah rs berat akn turun, maybe naek sekilo or dua, dats y after raye target i xbyk, around 59kg or maintain 60kg...ingat senang kew time raye nak losing weight..kne pikir logik gaklah~ nak target losing weight tu biarlah logik & masuk akal...

  • **OUCH!! my muscles around my hands & legs still hurts sbb hit gym 2jam lebih last trainer train i kaw2 ar! sbb die nk tolong i break my plateau...tu yg the hardest part of losing weight...**

  • Humm, cube revise blek ape target i tadi:
  • Current Weight (25/7/2011) : 62.9kg
  • Original Weight (14/6/2011) : 70kg
  • Target Lose Weight :
  • 1) 62 kg - End of this July a.k.a by this weekend...
  • 2) 60 kg - Raya Eve (1 Sept 2011)
  • 3) 60kg / 59kg - Sepanjang Raya month!! (Month Sept)
  • 4) 58kg / 56kg - Month Oct...

  • Aaaanndd thats it! tu jew yg mampu terpikir tuk sementara waktu ni...4 stage ni kne lalui & tempuhi dgn penuh kesabaran & kekuatan!!! i maybe akan jarang update this blog ni after this coz i nk kejar dlu 4stage ni...then klo ade or xde sebarang perubahan, i'll let u guys know by blogging new enteries~


  • bye...

  • With hugs & kisses,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hari2 yang seterusnyew~

Today eh...hummmm.. i pon makin lame mcm dh makin malas nk upload gamba ape2 yg i makan sebab xde yg intersting pon ape yg i makan kaaann?? al-maklomlh mknn org nk lose weight kan 'booowwwiingggg' ( interesting for me! ) pd org2 yg cakap,

" BADAN AKU DH GEMOK!!! AKU MALU!! boyfriend aku pon dh tegur tolong kecikkn bdn sket yang~ HAAAARRGGHHH!!! TENSENNNNYEERRR!!!!" sambil mengunyah nasi goreng + ayam goreng/telur mata kerbau kuning cair untuk dinner~

"HAARRGGHH~malas ar nk masak mlm ni..makan/masak pe yg ade dpn mate jewlah!" sambil masak megi / telan coklet pkul 8pm....

Huhuhuhu~ yup..tu lah cerite segelintir perempuan yang berpangkat 'overweight (yup, dats me yaw!) /obesse mengeluh~ Tapi sebenarnyewkan...sume ni datang dari keazaman & semangat brterusan seseorg pompan tu nk jg kesihatan dri sendri...Klo korg tanyer Diane, korg sedih gler klo boyfren korg tegur psl bdn korg, LOORRR!!!!! MEMANG AR SEDIHH!!!! dah sape suruh dri sendri melantak byk2 xhengat dunia! lagi bahagia, lg banyak korg blasah! LELAKI MMG LAH NK AWEK DIE SENTIASE NMPAK HOT & CANTIK! XDELAH DIE MALU NK BWK KORG P MNE2! apelg bler jumpe ngan kawan2 & femly die....ape yg drg tegur tu, mmg betol..

Hahahaha~...i pon mcm tu sebelom ni...ape lg sejak dgn jejake yg sgt membahagiakan i ni, macam2 i bedal...xpkr badan pon bler one day naek penimbang, NAUZUBILLAH!! mcm nk pengsan rase!!! 70KG!!!!

Starting from dat day, i nekad nk kaw2 losing weight....kene lagi plak tgk ex i punyer gf baru bdn besar mcm i, lagi rs tercabar i rs!!! tercabar sbb i xnk badan i besar macam makcik2 beranak 10 kne cerai suami..err...Rozita Che Wan cantek jew wlwpn dh berpangkat makcik yg kne cerai suami & ade bbrape ank?? nape i yg still ank dara lg xbleyh ade figure mcm ank dara? xmalu kew?? kang dh kne ejek ngan org brbadan gemok, TOUCHING PLAK! ADUHH...huhuhu..Cume org yg pernah berada dlm bdn org gemok jew pham ape yg i ckp ni sbb i pon gemok dr kecik lagi...dan i sgt xsk org yg xprnah rs berbadan berat 70kg seterusnyer menasihati org gemok mcm i...kecuali die adelah fitness guider or doctor sbb drg pakar....

I pon blog my fitness diary dlm blogger ni bukan lah tuk menunjuk2 kt semua org 'OH! AKU TGH BERSEMANGAT DIET NIHH!!' sey klo ade perasaan mcm tuh! Fitness diary ni di blogkan sbb nk crite ngan korg ape journey yg i hadapi sepjg nk ubah dri ni kpd new me...Berjaya or x, tu blakang citer,kt tgk jew ape jd nnti...Yang penting kt kejar tuk capaikan tahap fit dlm hidup kt...So pd org2 yg bace blog ni ade perasaan negatif stp kali bc fitness diary ni, jgn bace...tutup jew...xjauh pon 'X' ikon kt sebelah kanan atas hujung tuh~

Kaaann~~ kan dh emotional...hehehehe...Dahlah, tgk jew lah my menu arinih....

BREAKFAST: 1 glass plain oat & plain water~

LUNCH: disebabkan dah bbrape arinih i dh ambek carbs byk sgt, i nk cuci blek perut ni just lunch these..

entah ape yg yeay sgt i pon xtahu...

DINNER: 1 pc grilled Fish Fillet with thai sauce + Steamed Chinese Cabbage dim sum (make the filling using chicken breast spicy) + Detox tea

ACTIVITIES: Home Workout, Skipping + Weight Lifting

Thats all lah rasenyer for today...Let me tell u guys something...xsemua org bleyh sesuai dgn cr diet org len bt..stp org ade diet yg sesuai dgn yg xsesuai tu, xkan long lasting...the best diet is BALANCED DIET! ambek sume jenis makanan dlm piramid mknn dgn kuantiti yang dh di syorkan...mmg ternyata org yg berbadan besar gemuks ni (mcm i sblm ni) mmg xreti gne piramid makanan tu~ study it hard!! phamkan betol2 & flash back blek ape yg salah kt bt.. improve it to get better health~


YEAY!!! berjaye upload gamba dishes yg i makan semalam....
Sebenarnyer tujuan i upload gamba2 dishes ni sume dr arituh bukan nk menunjuk2 ape yg i masak...nope!
Niat i nk bagi gambaran kt u guys yg dieting food is not a boring & laammee food yg korg bygkan...Ok, Selain dr i, sape lg igt dieting food ni just takat makan sayur & buah bebanyak??? ha?? Yes, dlu i brfikiran mcm food ni xbest! xnikmat! huhuhu..xnikmat ehh??~~ yer, mmglah xsenikmat mknn bergoreng, bersantan & bergula...sbb mknn yg nikmat sgt tulh bt bdn kite jadi mcm belon funfair! pastu dah sedap melantak byk, tekak tetibe mual, perut dh heavy loaded, pastu start ar! muntahlah, ciritlah, sembelitlah, tercekik tulang lah...hummm...

Cmne i nk cakap eh, makan bkn ikot nafsu nikmat or x taw, mkn sebab kt perlukan tenanga tuk hidup...mkn nikmat tu boleyh tp bkn ari2 kot for me...Die mcm ni taw, ape yg i nk sampaikan adelah, xkshlah korg nk mkn ape pon yg korg nk, tapi tgk keadaanlah...klo korg rs bdn korg cepat naek sbb mkn terlebih sket jew (macam i) n cepat rs bersalah, so makan dlm kuantiti tertu jew...just ambk bape byk tuk diperlukan tenaga, bukan perut...Makan dlm kuantiti sikit tp berulang 5x sehari.. tp bler u guys tgk dlm menu2 i sebelum ni just mkn 3xsehari kan?? yup..main course mmg 3x sehari...yang len sume snek...Snek? Cikedis? err, salah tuh...i still bleyh brfikir tuk ambek snek ape tuk elakkn dr gaining weight...

I xdelah ckp i tahu sgt psl bende ni sume, tp ni dr experience 2bln i losing soo much weight every week...i xberlapar sbb tu adelah perkara yg diharamkan semasa berdiet... DONT EVER SKIP MEAL!!! biler dh tibe waktu makan, MAKAN!!! jgn skit wlwpn still kenyang...tu lah, dh ckp td, once ngadap mknn jgnlah melantak xhengat dunia...makan portion sket2... u guys akn rs nikmatnyer bler jadual mkn korg teratur...sket pon perot korg xkan ade bunyi keroncong mak yong....

Jadi, semalam mlm i dinner Tauhu Bakar Sumbat..... yup! xbakar sampai coklat sgt sbb xmo dlm kering...biar die brownish2 sket jew so dat rase tauhu tu still fresh...yang disumbat tu adelah cucumber, carrot, seaweed, daun ketumbar & letak black pepper (sbb i sk black pepper & sos chili thai..heeee) then mixedkan....

nampak x tu?? ade tempe tu? tempeh tu i grilled bagi die crispy sket...
actually rs die not bad seyh compared to deep fried dlm minyak tanpa segan silu...
Humm, i dh berexperiment dgn tempe byk method, rebus, steam & grilled, tp xde satu pon rs die mengecewakan...still sedap!

So td tu diner mlm td lah, yang lunch hour semalamkan i ade ckp i tapaw Sushi set kan?
Ha, nilah die....

nampak best kan? (sori, kualiti gambo hp mmg 2/10)
sbb mmg best pooonnnn~~~
jgn riso...kalori rendah sgt~
nampak bykkan? i xdelah nk melantak sume...share 3org sepinggan....
abes jew mkn sepinggan tu tu sume burping mcm ular sawe~

*sushi yg menggunakan wholemeal bread yg belom di potong lg*

Tp seyes sedap bende ni... i rela mkn ari2 klo i xdiet..hahahaha~ bende ni xbape elok gak mkn ari2 sbb die ade carbs...ade mayo, mkn skali skale tu xde mslhlh~~

Tu jew lah yg nak tunjuk...hum, nk buat diary arini plak kt post seterusnyew~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



1) itself is a flexible material, giving stability and a comfortable cushion to run

2) The top of a minimalist shoe that allows air flow to move from all angles, as CC Ride using ClimaCool ® material, which is the main technology owned by adidas, offer the advantage of 360-degree ventilation. ClimaCool ® open airways in every step you take, providing maximum breathability to each runner.

3) to respond to the fact that the humidity and high temperatures in the high shoe causing discomfort for the runners and the fact that reducing the heat temperature can improve the performance of runners. ClimaCool ® to reduce humidity in the shoe by 20 percent and the temperature of the hot leg to 12 percent, helping to overcome these problems.

4)Construction of footwear CC Ride ensure multi-functional shoe is to provide exceptional flexibility in the overall leg muscle, and freedom of movement through technology and full-length cushioning system.

5) CC Ride also features a sockliner that improve air circulation in the shoe becomes more fluent.

6)The inside of the shoe using a non-woven fabric lining for added comfort and EVA materials with maximum flexibility that allows air circulation smoothly from toe to ankle.

7)The runners can now use CC Ride shoes with fresh color choices pink, sun yellow, silver and simplicity in a very vibrant red attract attention at the track run, on the treadmill, or on the road.

Every story and mission will feature bright colors that will make you more cool when running and ClimaCool ® technology that makes you run into feels light.When running will not be boring anymore!

Ape nk crite arinih??

Errr~ ape nak crite arini eh?? i ni xreti nak 'belog' pepanjang sgt..hehehehhee..nnti merapu~so nak crite skit pasal ape yg dh berlaku semalam ngan arinih~....

Yezza!! bt pertama kali setelah berminggu2 xbrenti exercise & workout, i pon dgn segajenyer x p workout semalam...sbb p kuar dating ngan booboo terchinter...dah lame sgt xjumpe die sejak program detox (yg xbrape detox sgt tuh) berlangsung...cyan booboo kewinduaann..heeee~ At de same time nk p melawat die, nk tgk progress die losing weight...humm...ok lah...wlwpun xnmpk byk perubahan & die pon refuse nk p timbang (sbb die scalephobia) berat die, tp nampak ketare lah perut '8bulan' die tuh dh jd '3bulan'..bagus..dh ade progress wlwpn seket...makan pon die agk jage ar wlwpun suffer (die xprnh control mkn wlwpn hebat p gym) pd die sebelum ni...cool2... keep up de good work!

So, semalam pas blek keje igt nk p workout tp terpesong p dating plak...lepak kt umah aunty die...adeq2 die yg mne belajar luar johor pon ade sbb blek cuti... sesampai jew i kt umah tu, adeq2 & aunty die tegur:

"Anne nampak susut sikit lah dr arituh...arituh mcm bulat jew~ tp ni nmpk mcm dh longgar sgt baju keje (baju kurung i yg bersize L) tuh...Amboi2...biler nak pkai kebaya ketat plak pas nih..."

I dgn sipu2 pon jawab ler:

" adelah skit turunnyew dr arituh...tuhlah...makan mase n kesabaran gaklah nk lose weight ni...emosi & mentality kne sentiase kuat!!, sy ngah cube berusaha nk krgkn lg 22kilo ni! "

Humm..a positive feedback from org2 terdekat...this mean usaha & cara i berkesan...i pon XSTARVINGG (suke ulang2 perkataan ni)... plg penting i xanti NASIK!! i still ambk nasi tp kurg dr jumlah sebelum nih....2minggu sekali jew sbb nk lepas gian craving nasi...nasi xmenggemokkan actually tp kt kne tahu lah kuantiti & waktu biler perlu & xperlu kt ambk nasi tu...klo rs dri kurang active arini, ambek roti or potong terus carbs dlm menu klo rs dh brminggu2 active "TEREJAL" mcm org gile kt gym, so ambeklah nasi.... Last 2week i makan Nasi Ayam Hainaness...i still ade 'nasiphobia' dlm dri ni ms tuh, tp sbb ns ayam tu mak masak terlalu sedap sampai bau sekampung, xleyh control & telan gak akhirnyer~ puas terkate...pas makan janji pd dri sendri, pasni i akn watch out ape yg i mkn...sebenarnyer it's not dat bad makan nasi ayam hainanesse sbb ayam nyer skinless & sbb mind set dh takot nasi teramat sgt dlu, jd rs brsalahlh sket gak...

Dahlah Diane, buang NASIKPHOBIA u tuuhh~ nasi xgemok klo th control... See! tgk ape jd pagi ni biler naek scale?? baru semalam cakap nk target 63 kilo by end of this month sbb tgh melalui proses plateau (berat bdn xmo turun2) dh bbrape mggu ni...tgk ape jd dh naek scale pg td??? arituh 63.7kg somethg tp arinih dh jd 62.9kg...YEEHHAAAWW!! mybe ni boleh ddikatekn melepasi paras plateau....xdelh i tension asyk 64,63.7,64,63.8....fuhh...ok, skg dh 62.9kg eh, igtkn baru nk target 63kg akhir bln ni, tp turun lebih2 tanpe di duga plak...lg pon smlm xworkout pon...giler best...hum...xpelh...smlm kire rest day 1ari stlh brmggu2 pulun bdn abes2...BERJUANG SEHINGGA KE TITISAN LEMAK!! errr? xbest sey bunyi nyer....

Nak tahu nape leyh jadi turun lebih dr target kt? And nk tahu camne i break my plateau level??? hummm...senang ckp banyak rujuk pada pakarlah~ Setakat ni i rujuk kat blog Susu, Kevin, Fay Hokulani & my gym trainer, Abg Roy (THANK U ABG ROY!!!!)

Dr 63.7kg kepada 62.9 kg adelah bersamaan 0.8kg....humm...skit jew kan? i xdelh excited sgt sbb turun 0.8kg...No~ sbb dlm 0.8kg ni boleyh jadi air or something else yg bukan lemak...yang i excited sgt ni i dh lepas level plateau berat i....Level plateau nilah yg buat org surrender nk losing weight sbb die tension berminggu2 xleyh turun...level tuhhhh jew lah xabes2....Situasi yg same berlaku pd i arituh selepas turun 7kilo bln lepas...TENSEN RABAK org singapore cakap...heheheh...ape yg i buat smp berjaye lepaskan my plateau level ni?? nk tahu kaaaaannn???? angguk2 cepat kpale tuh!!!

Heeee~ last weekend mase kat gym, i p tanyer ngan my gym trainer, Abg Roy (big bos gym kt area Johor Jaya ni)... i ngadu kat die:

"Abg, sy ade sket problem ni bang...bln lepas sy turun 7kilo giler2lah...pastu, masuk awl bulan ni, die jadi seloww taw...die xmo turun lagi taw...tension sy bang...makan sy still jage, exercise & workout sy still xlepas...cmne eh bang?? tension sy nih! "

Abg Roy dgn senyum lebar pon cakap:

" Sebab awk dh smp level plateau bdn awk..tu yg liat sket nk turun...abg bg nasihat awk bt workout kali ni slow sket tp maintain consistant...Contohlah, klo awk lari ats treadmill nih, xyahlah laju2 sgt mcm sebelum ni awk buat...lari jog jew...jgn bg heartbeat awk berdegup laju sgt! Sederhana & steady jew~ biler awk bt mcm ni dlm jgke ms yg agk lame & consistant dgn speed mcm ni, awk akn rs peluh awak deras giler2 taw~ tu yang kite nak tuh~ Cayelah cakap abg, awk buat camni dlm bberape ari lg, confirm awk break plateau tu~"

OWWWHHH~~~ camtu rupenyeww~ baru arituh i tahu...klo sebelum ni terus give up sbb xtahu cara yg berkesan...Thanx sgt kt Abg Roy dgn tunjuk ajar die...die pon ajar i beberapa lagi workout yg bleh break kan plateau berat bdn kt.... mmg Isnin p keje terus sengal seluruh badan!

Dan sejak dpt break plateau ni, i dh semakin kerap berpeluh & terasa bahang badan ni walaupun gerak sikit...macam semalam nk p buat submission drawing kat Majlis, menapak xmp bape langkah pon dh brpeluh DASYATTT mcm org ngah workout... nk kate panas terik, xdelh sgt...nk kate pkai baju kurung, sebelum ni xdelh berpeluh sampai lencun seluruh badan..mmg giler2lah!
Balik jew opis terpakse dri depan A/C nk keringkan bdan...sray bebyk perfume sbb tkt bad body odour bler dh sweaty teruk sgt.... Di sebabkan brdiri dpn tiupan angin A/C yg mcm kt kutub tuh, i dgn tanpe segan silunyer lintang pukang ke toilet tuk buang air!! Sekarang ni dh payah sket dok dlm opis A/C ni, asyek nk p toileeettt jew...Semalam 3x 'shushu' 2x 'berry2' dlm sehari perrrrggghhhh~ die punyer brtape dlm toilet, berjam2!!! i sblm ni berry2 3hari sekali jew..hahaha..teruk kan? xnormal tuh...saket smp arini perut...macam di godak2 dgn sendok dodol!!!

Jadi menu tuk arini:

BREAKFAST: 4 pc wheat crackers + 1 Fuji apple + 1 glass detox tea

LUNCH: Healthy Sushi Set!!! yeaayyyy!!!! tapi ni xpkai beras sushi, tukar kpd roti wholemeal..
(sok klo sempat i uploadkan, tp rupenyer lebih kug camni lh..cume i punyer lagi cantiklah)

MALAM:2 sets Tauhu Sumbat yang di bakar dlm oven + Detox Tea + 2pc Dragon Fruit...

ACTIVITIES: arini blek keje terus Jogging kat tasek~ harap2 dpt buat 2laps dgn berjogging xbrenti ngan kerap~ sbb dh lame sgt xjogging kt luar tu yg mengah2..asyek brenti jeww~ then blek uma Tabata 20mins...dan harap sgt lah Tabata kali ni bleh increase lg speeds level...weight lifting xleyh tinggal, kne buat!

OH! lupe nak ckp..ari tuh i telan 5ulas durian sbb family beramai2 belasah durian kt uma...tergoda i...humm...xtakot gemok keww??? errrr??? durian??? gemok???

sape ckp xtakot gemok?! tuk org mcm i ni mmg fobia gemok blek sbb dh gemok dr kecik lagi~ cume ape yg i nk bgth adelah...wlwpn kt dlm usaha tuk losing weight, jgnlah biarkan dri kite craving sesuatu...klo tekak ni craving durian, bagi jgnlah bedal smp 3biji sekali gus....klo 5 ulas mcm i mkn tu pon dh kire melantak... nk ikotkan ambk 2 or 3 ulas jew durian kan? org malaysia mnelh yg bleyh tahan baunyer~ naseb baek i ade mygrain & xleyh bedal durian bebyk~...huhuhuhu~

Okeyh, pd i klo kt benarkan jamah ape yg kt craving dat day, itu dh kire cheat day lah~ bulan lepas i buat cheat day seminggu sekali sbb baru starting program bln ni dh leyh control...2minggu sekali...kdg2 xmo cheat day lgsg sbb tgk berat bdn sentiase turun setiap minggu...tu leyh di jadikan sbg kekuatan & motivation kt gak lah...for i'm not forcing myself not to eat what i want cume kne ade limitnyer~ pastu dh tahu makan xsehat, bebyklah buat workout...JGN BENARKAN LAGI LEMAK NI BERSARANG DLM BDN SETELAH BRTAHUN2 DRG MENTERNAK DLM BDN NI!!! PENYAKET!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Diane's Workout Routine~

Just nak mencatat my workout routine dalam blogger supaye senang nak rujuk balik biler2 mase:

* Perubahan aktiviti bergantung pada keadaan badan, masa & sekeliling~

MONDAY : Home Workout (Tabata 20mins + Skipping 1 hours + Weight lifting 30mins)

TUESDAY : Outdoor Workout (Tabata 20mins + Jogging 2 hours + Weight lifting 30mins)

WEDNESDAY: Home Workout (Tabata 20mins + Skipping 1 hours + Weight lifting 30mins)

THURSDAY : Hit GYM!!! ( cardio + weight lifting) minima 45mins

FRIDAY : Hit GYM!!! ( cardio + weight lifting) minima 45mins

SATURDAY : Hit GYM!!! ( cardio + weight lifting) minima 45mins + Jogging outdoor

SUNDAY : Hit GYM!!! ( cardio + weight lifting) minima 45mins + Jogging outdoor

** From Thurs to Sunday jew i ade ms p gym... ari len xleyh, bz... klo nak ikotkan jadual yg bagus, 2ari p gym then sehari rest then sambung 2 ari p gym lagi then rest...selang i xbrpeluang bt mcm tu sbb kesuntukkan mase...humm... harap2 cara ni xmemudaratkan dri... silalah comment routine workout saya (tapi yg mengomen tu biarlah dr org yg dh ade experience & knowledge psl bende2 workout ni~)


Today i'm stoppin my oat detox program coz i dh get used to my 'boiled dish' everyday...oat pon dh jadi routine in my life dh xpayah pggl body & tekak pon dh selesa dgn boiled, steamed & grilled food...dh xbape 'passionate' dgn frying food... u can see for yourself menu 10 ari program detox nih, no oily or buttery food...even sebulan sebelum start program ni pon i dh cuba adaptkan dlm daily life i...mula2 tu xslera & mengeluhlah bler kne ngadap boiled food, steamed & grilled... lame2 ok ar tuh...tekak dh xngade2 dh...

Okay, di sebabkan arinih dh xdi namakan Oat detox program lagi, just wanna share wit u guys my menu for today:

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl oat with starfruits cubes + 1 glass detox tea

MID BRKFST & LUNCH: 1 biji fuji apple + plain water


*sorry xdpt ambek gambo real sbb terlupe nk ambek pas masak tu...tapi rupenyer mcm ni lah~

TEA BREAK: 2 pc small currypuff + detox tea
*teringin nk mkn currypuff sbb craving sgt~

DINNER: 1 pc grilled fish fillet with nyonyas style sauce + salad + detox tea

SUPPER: 2pc dragon fruit + plain water

ACTIVITIES: Home workout (tabata 20mins + skipping 20mins + weight lifting 20mins)

my target for this end of month is to get 63kilos... and kt akn starts bln puase next month!!
so kne rombak semula my jadual in losing weight program nih....gym tetap kne p wlwpn puase tapi ade caranyer~~heee~