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Thursday, July 8, 2010

a meaning of my life right now...

i'm happy with my life, my work, and my frens rite now... eventhough i'm not working in my line right now but trust me, this is an exciting n new experience for myself right now doing training a week in johor bahru to become ermmm...should i say or shouldn't... i dont knowlh how to say coz bende belom conferm, i belum finish my training and in probation period lagi...tunggulh klo dh conferm baru bleh crite...huhuhu...just wish me gud luck in my exam n presentation in bisness line rite now....


p/s; chett...kepoyoan terserlah....

6 Ways to Look Amazing in Just 48 Hours

Have a big date or party coming up and just a couple of days to prepare for it? We have shortcuts to looking head-to-toe spectacular.

1. If you’d rather not stick to a strict diet, simply eliminate simple carbs (white bread, rice, pasta) and sugar. Also, resist sprinkling salt on your meals — sodium causes you to retain water. Make sure you aren’t eating one of these so-called healthy foods.

2. Drink at least four cups of water plus four cups of green tea (it’s a great fat burner) each day. And nix alcohol, which is high in calories, slows down your metabolism, and makes a mockery of your willpower.No wonder it’s one of the best weight-loss tips ever.

3. Get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night to give your body enough time to make those growth hormones. Even just a couple nights of good sleep will make a big difference.

4. The fastest way to fix puffy eyes or dark circles: Brew two green tea bags, and let them cool. Then lie down and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes. The caffeine will tighten the tissue and reduce swelling.

5. If you have a zit, shrink it on the spot by wrapping an ice cube in a thin dish towel and resting it on the pimple for three minutes. This will alleviate inflammation and redness. Then cover the zit with a dab of lavender oil, which will dehydrate the blemish and kill bacteria. Or try one of these acne busters.

6. For a super blowout, let your hair air-dry for several minutes before using a blow-dryer. Working with two-inch-wide sections of hair, lift each section with a round brush, blast the roots to amp up volume, and then angle the nozzle of the blow-dryer down as you run the brush through your hair, curling the ends under. This will smooth out flyaways. Watch this video to see how it's done.