A confident woman. She knows what she wants and gets it. She is aware of her flaws, but she doesn’t obsess over them and instead thinks that maybe (just maybe) they actually add to her unique beauty. She is passionate. She loves life. She is comfortable in her own skin and owns her sexuality, but uses it purely for good. She does not see other women as her enemy and competes only with herself to do her best at all times and to be her best at all times. She is forthright, honest, disarmingly herself and tries to be no one else. She is having fun and she is sexy and you just want to be around her to soak up some of those good vibes. She isn’t perfect, but she doesn’t care because she is hot. And so are you.

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Friday, January 30, 2009


dah boring dengan rebonding????
trylah wavvy pulak..
sexy x???

wavvy hairstyle for 2009:

makanan untuk org diet...


cuba lah resepi ini....vegetarian style...
nilah aktiviti i bt cuti seminggu aritu...

bahan-bahannye adalah:


tahu and tempe goreng...

jangan lupe homemade kuah kacang.. (nampak sedap x? i bt sendri)

campurkan semua bahan2 tadi..

nak lagi sedap, makanlah bersame2 dgn nasi impit..(makin terbuka selera)

macam ni lah cara nak makan pecal...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Syamim!!!! True story..


this is my dear studiomate > syamim..
let me tell you all bout her true story in context : Losing Weight..




our inspiration...

Can you trick yourself into liking exercise?

Geri Halliwell went for jogging

I want to (and know I should) exercise more. I actually like to run—but sometimes I find all kinds of excuses to skip exercise..

When I get into these ruts, I try to remind myself that even President Obama makes time to exercise. But that sort of reasoning doesn’t really get me out the door on a run.

What does work for me? These are 4 tricks EXAMPLES to get to exercise more:

  • Rewards—such as a eating Asian foods tomyam,bihun goreng,etc)or any delicious, healthy long as their healthy...
  • For every mile I run, I burn tones of fats so dat i can buy new dresses..
  • I’ve also started subscribing to the idea that exercise doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” and reminding myself that walking with my frens is legitimate physical activity. Even vacuuming the house counts for something: it’s lifestyle exercise. So I’m volunteering for those sorts of jobs..anything..even walking to the studio everyday..have classes or not..
  • Setting goals for myself—both big ones and small ones. I’ll be motivated to get regular exercise if I know I’m working toward a bigger goal.set goals are so important in anything we're doing in our life
Exercise may never come naturally to me, but history tells me that I’ll never stop using little tricks and bribes to stay as active as possible.

Jessica Simpson Hates Fat People

By Monica Gaza, Entertainment News Editor

20th of February 2008, 11:28 GMT

Now who knew Jessica Simpson was such an insensitive idiot? I mean yes, of course, we heard rumors and all, but I never believed this wonderfully empathic and selfless girl was actually a gold digger intent on nothing but taking and not giving anything back. She should have taken a few lessons in sensitivity from Lindsay Lohan, who allegedly decided to... ahem "pay tribute" to Marilyn Monroe by posing naked for a rather scandalous spread recreating the actress' "last sitting". They forgot to add that she also filled her pockets and cashed in on her generous initiative in the process. So, as I was saying - Jessica sure needs some lessons when it comes to the whole "sensitivity" issue. Otherwise, people will just look at her and see a spoiled, two-faced gold digger. Now who would ever want such a thing to happen?

Here's the story: it would seem that before Jessica shot to fame (in a very metaphoric way, that is) playing Daisy Duke in "The Dukes of Hazzard" in 2005, her career was in a little bit of a nosedive (um, how is that different from the current situation, I ask you?) so Papa Joe arranged for his beloved elder daughter to record a fitness DVD for the fitness video company Speedfit. Jessica apparently walked away with a few million dollars as a result, but after recording the DVD she changed her mind about releasing it, and as a result Papa Joe has been resilient in blocking its release ever since.

As a result, Speedfit is taking Joe Simpson to court, looking to secure a $10 million settlement and force Jessica's scheming daddy to let go of the goods and allow the DVD on the market. "They are hurting millions of fat people in America!" Speedfit owner Alex Astilean stated for Usweekly. "I believe that very strongly - they held the video for years!" Well, I told you Jessica was a mean idiot. But I do have to wonder, what made her change her mind about the DVD? Was it making Jessica look even more stupid than usual? Is she wearing revealing outfits? Is there something compromising about the whole thing? Or is Jessica simply one of those celebrities who hate fat people. I really wouldn't be surprised. But who knows?

How people imagine Jessica:



P/S: pengajarannyer...tak elok kutok org gemok..
last2 dri sendri kne balik..
padan muka ko anak pak simpson..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

List Of Diet In The World

1) 100-mile Diet
2) Abs Diet (top 5)
3) Alkaline Diet
4) Atkins Diet (top 3)
5) Best Bet Diet
6) Blood Type Diet
7) Body For Life
8) Breatharian Diet
9) Bhuddist Diet
10) Cabbage Soup Diet
11) The Cambridge Diet
12) Cookie Diet
13) Crash Diet
14) CRON-Diet
15) Detox Diet
16) Diabetic Diet
17) Diet For A New America
18) DASH Diet
19) Dr. Hay Diet
20) Edenic Diet
21) Elemental Diet
22) Elimination Diet
23) The Fat Smash Diet (top 4)
24) Fatfield Diet
25) Feingold Diet
26) Fit For Life Diet
27) Flexitarian Diet
28) Food Combining Diet
29) Fruitarian Diet
30) Gerson Diet
31) Gluten Free Diet
32) Casein Free Diet
33) Glycemic Index Diet
34) G.I. Diet
35) The Graham Diet
36) Grapefuit Diet
37) Hacker's Diet
38) Halal Diet
39) Hallelujah Diet
40) High Protein Diet
41) Inuit Diet
42) Israeli Army Diet
43) Jenny Craig
44) Joel Furhmen Diet
45) Junk Food Diet
46) Kosher Diet
47) Kotagenic Diet
48) LEARN Diet
49) Lacto Vegetarianism
50) Low Carbohydrate Diet
51) Low Fat Diet
52) Low Sodium Diet
53) Low Protein Diet
54) Macrobiotic Diet
55) Medifast Diet
56) Mediterranean Diet
57) Montignac Diet
58) Natural Foods Diet
59) Negative Calorie Diet
60) Okinawa Diet
61) The Optimal Diet
62) Organic Food Diet
63) Ornish Diet
64) Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Diet
65) Paleolithic Diet
66) Perricone Diet
67) Pescetarian Diet
68) Plant Based Diet
69) Pollotarian Diet
70) Prison Loaf Diet
71) Pritikin Program For Diet & Exercise
72) Rastafarian Diet
73) Raw Foodism
74) Rice Diet
75) Shangri-La Diet
76) Slimming World Diet
77) Smart For Life
78) Sonoma Diet
79) South Beach Diet (top 2)
80) Stillman Diet
81) Subway Diet
82) Vegan Diet
83) Vegetarian Diet
84) Very Low Calorie Diet
85) Weight Down Diet
86) Weight Watchers (top 1)
87) Western Pattern Diet
88) Zone Diet

P/S: So.... which one the suitable diet for u??
pliz do more research on specific diet dat suitable for u..

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

The Eat Right for Your Type diet encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type -- A, B, AB, or O.
So, pliz set up an appointment with your doctor for blood type test...

Blood type O

("for old," as in humanity's oldest blood line) your digestive tract retains the memory of ancient times, says D'Adamo, so you're metabolism will benefit from lean meats, poultry, and fish. You're advised to restrict grains, breads, legumes, and beans and to enjoy vigorous exercise.

Blood Type A

("for agrarian") flourishes on vegetarian diets, "the inheritance of their more settled and less warlike farmer ancestors," says D'Adamo. The type A diet contains soy proteins, grains, and organic vegetables and encourages gentle exercise.

Blood type B

a tolerant digestive system and can enjoy low-fat dairy, meat, and produce but, among other things, should avoid wheat, corn, and lentils, D'Adamo says. If you're type B, it's recommended you exercise moderately.

Blood type AB

a sensitive digestive tract and should avoid chicken, beef, and pork but enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy, and most produce. The fitness regimen for ABs is calming exercises.

Loose 5 to 100 pounds in 2 weeks!!!

Think there's no diet can make u loose 5 until 100 pounds in 2 week??
Sure ade~
Try this..
tapi b4 try kne fhamkan betol2 n search more info bout this type of diet..

yang penting p jumpe doc b4 nak start diet ni..
kang xpasal2 korang masuk hospital, blog aku kne saman coz membunuh org pulakk...

South Beach Diet Is Hot; Here's Why

"We've had people lose anywhere from five to 100 pounds on the diet," says Agatston, who is director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Fla. "That's great, but what it really is good at is improving heart patients' lipid profiles."

In clinical trials, people on the South Beach diet see dramatic reductions in LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases in HDL (good) cholesterol. And they do so without much calorie counting.Its improve the cholesterol and insulin levels of his patients with heart disease. Now, the South Beach diet has grown into something much bigger. That's because the plan Agatston created not only improves cholesterol and insulin levels, but it also has helped many people lose weight.

So what is the South Beach diet all about?

In the first phase of the South Beach diet, which lasts two weeks, you eat normal-sized helpings of lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, fish, and shellfish. Vegetables are also allowed, as are nuts, cheese, and eggs. A salad with real olive oil dressing is fine. Coffee and tea are OK, and lots and lots of water is required.

The Atkins diet differs in that carbohydrates are severely restricted during the initial phase. The South Beach diet instead groups "good" and "bad" carbohydrates based on their glycemic index, a measure of how foods affect your blood sugar.

"The goal is to eat three balanced meals a day, and to eat enough so that you don't feel hungry all the time," Agatston says.

Forbidden in those first 14 days, however, are fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, or baked goods. No sugar, ice cream, cookies, or cake. And no alcoholic drinks of any kind (wine, fruit and whole-grain breads may be added back to the diet in subsequent phases).

Highly processed carbohydrates cause a cycle of overeating, says Agatston. White bread, for example, is digested quickly, resulting in a spike in insulin levels. Once the carbohydrates are used up, he says, you're left with too much circulating insulin, which causes your body to crave more food. Eating simple carbohydrates makes you want to eat more simple carbohydrates, and in the process, you gain weight, disrupt your lipid levels, and expose your cardiovascular system to unnecessary stress.

A typical South Beach diet breakfast is two eggs and lean bacon. Lunch is salad greens with grilled chicken. A small amount of dry-roasted nuts makes up an afternoon snack. Dinner is lean meat again with fiber-rich vegetables. Cheese and low-fat yogurt are allowed, as is sugar-free gelatin for dessert.

According to Agatston, at the end of two weeks, most South Beach dieters are eight to 14 pounds lighter. He says the weight loss doesn't happen because you're eating less, but rather because eliminating simple carbohydrates has broken a bad eating cycle. As a result, you'll continue to lose weight after the initial two-week period ends.

"I would like to see more backing to that specific weight-loss claim," says Moore, of the ADA. "While the first two weeks are heavy on protein, I'm not convinced that dropping carbohydrates would be enough to induce ketosis."

It's a well-established fact that rapid weight loss can be achieved when your body does not have carbohydrates to digest. This state is called ketosis.

Moore adds that despite the many positive aspects of Agatston's South Beach diet, you would be wise to work closely with a registered dietitian or your doctor with any diet that induces ketosis because the body is shedding water and, according to Moore, this might cause an electrolyte imbalance without proper hydration.

The second phase is similar to the first phase, but you'll start to reintroduce some of the banned foods. You can start eating high-fiber carbohydrates, such as whole-grain breads, which raise your insulin levels in a much milder way that do simple, starchy carbs.

"We don't want prolonged, severe weight loss," says Agatston. "You stay on the second phase only until you reach your goal weight."

The third phase of the South Beach diet is really all about weight maintenance, which Agatston describes as a "way of life." Should your weight begin to climb, you simply repeat the process.

"What's become clear recently is that the epidemic of obesity is caused partly by government health organizations promoting a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat diet, the kind you see in developing countries like China," says Agatston. "But those recommendations are based on people eating very high-fiber diets with low protein."

In the U.S., a carbohydrate-rich diet translates into lots of highly processed, low-fiber carbohydrates.

"The food we eat has often already been digested in the factory," says Agatston. "Eating white bread is like eating table sugar."

Though Moore agrees that the South Beach diet can be healthy, she reiterates the need for dieters to see a dietitian before trying it.

"The skill of a dietitian is to work within the parameters of what an individual needs," she says. "It's fine to use this diet for weight loss, but no diet fits everybody. For that reason, you need to work with someone to make sure the general diet is tailored to your particular body."


Next time i akan citer kat u all pasal Detox pulak eh..

So.. tunggu~

Top Ten Most Beautiful Women In The World 2009

World voted:











Friday, January 16, 2009

tagged by shaza pulak..

You Dont Have To Be So Nice - Couple (hahah)

Find Out - Aceyalone (find out by yrself..yeah!)

How Me Sexy - Inul Ft T00 Phat (uhh..if he really2 hot for me)

Walk Away - Paula Deanda (LOL)

Get Up - Ciara (Agree!!)

Disco Club - B.E.P (used to be..)

Do Something - Britney Spears (hmm..)

Dont Phunk With My Heart - B.E.P (yeah! dont u dare do dat!)

WHAT IS 2+2?
Come To Me - Nicole Scherzinger ft Diddy (??)

With Love - Hillary Duff (love them so much!!)

Cold As Fire - Britney Spears ( ermm..dats not true..)

I Fell In Love With The DJ - Che'nelle (fell in love with DJ hitz n & fly fm..they're sooo entertaining)

Hot In Herre - Nelly (uhh!! dats more like it)

Chain Hang Low - Jibbs (huhuhu)

Stop - Spice Girls (hahaha! slalu gak ar..)

Stick With You - P.C.D (arhh...sweet~)

My Hump - B.E.P (mmg betol2 biadap tu~)

Sexy - B.E.P (hahahhaa!)

The Mating Games - Bittersweet (O.M.G!!!)

Pump It - B.E.P (cool~)

Button - P.C.D (dats trully worst..)

Play - J.Lo (playing what??)

Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera (???)

Umbrella - Rihanna (lauging coz of the umbrella???)

Wannabe - Spice girls (mmmm??)

Whine Up - Kat Deluna (dats mean, YES!)

Lose Control - Missy Elliot (YES!!)

Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston (really??)

I'm Sorry - Flyleaf (yes.. just hate the past)

Smooth Criminal - MIcheal Jackson (sounds freaky)

Untukmu Ibu - Exists (NO WAY!!!)

Driving test again..

You are generally an easy going, laid back person. However, you can't help but feel a little jealous and competitive sometimes! YES!!

You are always increasing your awareness of the world around you. You are a life long learner.

You'd like to think you're a fair person, but you occasionally think you deserve a special kind of justice.YES

You are a calm, peaceful person. You realize that arguments are only temporary, and you try to give people the benefit of the doubt. errr??

You have mixed feelings about authority figures. You understand their place, but you believe their power needs to be in check.

You are somewhat focused, but you are also a bit scatterbrained. Distractions can get you in trouble.maybe?

You don't feel a responsibility to anyone but yourself. You value your freedom more than anything else.

Your ego is a healthy size. You don't think you're more important than anyone else. Me first!!

tag to all the readers....


The rules:
a. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
d. Put any comments in the brackets after the song name.
e. Put this on your blog.

The questions:

1. If someone says, “Is this okay?”
El-Nin Yo - tata young (ha? ape maksudnyer?)

2. How would you describe yourself?
La Mi Casa Negra - Juanes

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Disco Inferno - 50cents (woah!! clubbing guy huh?)

4. How do you feel today?
I'm So Sick - FlyLeaf (hahahaha!!!)

5. What is your life’s purpose?
Oye Mi Canto - Daddy Yanke (haram aku xpham maksudnyer)

6. What is your motto?
Clumsy - Fergie (yer ker? pandai2 jer)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Summer Love - Justin Timberlake (errr??)

8. What do you think of your parents?
Now Drop - Fat Man Scoop & Timber land (LOL)

9. What do you think about very often?
Fully Alive - Flyleaf

10. What is 2+2?
Take It To The Floor - B2K (coolll~)

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Say You'll Be There - Spice Girls ( sweeettt~)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Easy - Paula Deanda (he's quite easy for me..)

13. What is your life?
Rompe -Daddy Yankee (anybody have latin dictionary pliz?!!! i think i need some help here!)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Give It Up To Me - Sean Paul (yeah!! give it up to me!!)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Break The Ice - Britney Spears (giler xmalu nk approach dlu)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
There's Nothing - Sean Kingston & Paula Deanda (sure i will dance dis with my husband!!~)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Shut Up & Drive - Rihanna (giler biadap!!!! hahahahaha!!)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls.. (err??)

19. What is your biggest fear?
From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart- Britney Spears (yup!)

20. What is your biggest secret?
Love Is Wicked - Brick & Lace (hahhaha..yaeh..sometimes)

21. What will you post this as?
Get Low - T-pain ft Florida (i like dat!)

22. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
Got Me High - Britney Spears (glukk!)

Now im taging : to all the readers!!

1st April's Story

Shima really2 love to tagged me...

April 1, 1997

1) How old were you? 10 on that year

2) Where did you go to school? SRK Sri Amar

3) Where did you work? im still a student (berhingus lg...sbb demam)

4) Where did you live? Kg Melayu Pandan

5) Where did you hang out? Semua shopping mall kat JB town especially City Square yg hip time tu..

6) Did you wear glasses? belum lg..mate sihat lagi..

7) Who were your best friends? Hanna

8) How many tattoos did you have? temporary tattoo setiap kali hang out kat town.. (sticker tattoo larr)

9) How many piercings did you have? sepasang mom yg bwk p pierce..

10) What car did you drive? bicycle n kete sorong setiap kali tolong abah p site..

11) Had you been to a real party? umo 10thn p parties?? let me flashback.. birthday party for sure, kenduri pn party gak kan? kenduri doa slamat or kesyukuran..majlis org kawin?heheheh..

12) Had your heart broken? pernahlah..break ngan bf ms darjah 3 & 4..another bf pindah jauh ms darjah 6 n heartbroken bler kne marah dgn parent or cikgu...

April 1, 2002

1) How old were you? 15 that year

2) Where did you go to school? SMk Johor Jaya (1)

3) Where did you work? pas PMR keje temporary jd promoter..cari duit poket skit..

4) Where did you live? Taman Sri Pandan..

5) Where did you hang out? ermm...hard for me to confess..hmm~~ every wednesday nite sneak out for clubbing at Hotel New York tuk layan ladies nite..

6) Who were your best friends? Hanna & Syaz

7) Who was your regular-person crush? fiez bodo..

8) How many tattoos did you have? dah x minat dh bende2 haram tu..

10) How many piercings did you have? still a pair

11) What car did you drive? i'm driving my Suzuki motocycle laaa dat time...

12) Had you had your heart broken? yes! several times..

April 1, 2008

1) How old are you? 21

2) Where do you work? studying at UiTM in archy..tapi every cuti sem i keje part time kat mane2..pernah practical kat MBJB n Kaz akitek..

3) Where do you live? Kolej Anggerik, UiTM

4) Do you wear glasses? Yes

5) Where do you hang out? banyak sgt tempat..around semenanjung malaysia..

6) Who are your best friends? still Hanna & Syaz.. kat UiTM all my studiomate..

7) Do you talk to your old friends? Yes! Wajib!

8) How many piercings do you have? still a pair

9) How many tattoos? apesal tanye2 tattoo ni!!!!!! Soalan yg nk rs PENANGAN AKU...

10) What kind of car do you drive? my baby-B (iswara), toyo (toyota avanza) & Hon (honda civic)..still drive motorcycle...

11) Has your heart been broken? Yes..sometimes..

P/S: tag to all the readers!!!

citer2 time sekolah..

thanks again shima coz bukak blek buku citer sekolah i yg horror dlu..


terlalu banyaklah...ok ni yg 5 top lah..tapi x ikut turutan...

1) time i tadika 3thn / nursery koot..i berebut mainan 'pollypac' dgn a girl..pollypac tu die punyer tapi i nk pnjam jap..i suka bende tu tp parent i xmampu ktorg berebut sambil tarik2...i berjaye rampas..tapi dak tu tarik baju i..i lari kuar dr kelas..dak tu kejar..then i geram i campak bende tu dlm swimming pool sekolah...then dak tu nangis kuat2..cikgu cari i tp i sembunyi dlm tandas sampai klas abis..sok i xdtg tuk bbrape ari..

2) time tadika 6thn, i suka lepak sorang2 kat bawah monkey day ade 2 boys panjat n ludah atas kpale i..i p sekolah pkai heels n uniform gurls mcm bj sailormoon, short skirt n kembang bler kne tiup, disebabka perkara BIADAP tu berlaku dgn sengaje kat i, i cabut heels i n trus panjat then i trus TUMBUK muka sorang dak laki tu, n srg lg i tolak..boy yg i tolak tu sempat grab blek besi tu..klo x die jatuh..agak tinggi ar..another boy tu hidung patah..then they run to get a teacher n mengadu..dat teacher marah i n i bt bodo.. bbrape bulan kemudian i buat cikgu klas jawi i jerit 1 sekolah coz i letak ular getah dlm buku jawi i..hahhahahaha!!!!

3) time sekolah rendah... ramai pengawas kne ugut pukul dgn i if drg tulis name i...pernah one time tu i dtg lmbt n pengawas jg gate tulis name i.. n then rehat, name i naik kat perhimpunan..i kne rotan 5 kali kat tgn..
time kne rotan, i xpandang len, i pandang SHARP THROUGH dat bastart's eyes..die mmg xsyg nyawe die..balik sekolah..i ngan my gurls tggu die blakang sekolah..pengawas blek die blek ikt pntu blakang..trus ktorg seret die kuar dr pagar n bawak ke backlane rumah kosong kat ctu..i tarik baju die n nk cederakan die tp 1 of my gurl controlled me..i just bg warning a.k.a kasar
kat die jgn bt lg..klo die bt lg, pasni PECAH MUKA DIE I PUKUL...dats the second reason i ambik taekwando dat time..hehehehhe..

4) masuk sekolah menengah, terlalu byk kes disiplin i buat..i jd fav student for my headmistress and cikgu2 disiplin..i dak bermasalah n listed in kaunseling..setiap minggu kne rehab..pas abis rehab i plak ditawar tuk rehab dah2 bermasalah coz i ade pengalaman..i pernah hampir dibuang sekolah coz kes gaduh teruk ngan dak cina n xsengaje cederakan cikgu..hehehhe..

5) tukar ke sekolah teknik pulak, dah jadi baik skit kooott.. tapi still nakal... ponteng kelas, melawan cikgu, homework xbuat n suka2 je nk pkai baju camne style..tapi time ni dh insaf skit coz nak SPM..takut slalu menyendirikan diri or berlatih dlm klab kebudayaan..

as the days goes by..kt menjadi makin matang..for me, lagi nakal kt mase kecik dlu, lg byk pengalaman kt blajar.. i nakal, nakal jugak tapi belajar tetap penting coz i nak kejar matlamat hidup i jadi org yg berguna n make my parent proud of me..i tahu drg stress besarkan i n i pegang pade pendirian i yg i xkan menyusahkan drg lg pasni...


1) senilukis n seni kebudayaan..maksud i, i plg rajin p klas seni, LK, and pape yg erkaitan dgn drawing..draw for fun, not for suka gak tapi lagi suka illustration n rendering...
yang seni kebudayaan plak time highschool i aktif zapin n tarian len, choir, choral speaking and penulis skrip tuk teater 3thn berturut2..hehehheeh...

2) seni mempertahankan diri... VERY2 COOL N INTERESTING SUBJECTS TO LEARN!!!
taekwando (darjah 1 & 3), ninjitsu ( form 4), silat cekak hanafi n taekwando (semester 1 & 2)

3) Kemahiran Hidup (ERT)..memasaklah!!!!! suke giler!!!! yg len xbest...hehehhee...

*skg tgh blajar cintakan ilmu archy yg susah giler n if diberi peluang, pas grad, beauty course n 3rd language will be my fav class..


1) MATHMATIC!!!! semua yg berkaitan dgn matematik, i BENCIIII!!!!!!!!! tapi terpakse blajar gak...sedey..

2) PJ (pendidikan jasmani) URGGHHH!!! i hate dat!!! sebab i gemok dasyat time tu..i cepat letih n & semput..i slalu skip klas tu...i xsk lumba2 lari coz i'll be the FIRST dari blakang...

3) Music class time darjah 4..i sk men music..but i xsuka pham 'taugeh' yg pening kepale tu..time tadika i quit violin pn sebab i xleh nk pham..lembap skit..heheheh..guess i dont have talent i playing music instruments...


yg menariknyer i suka bt keje yg org len xbrani buat..
i suka melayan org bler i rs nk layan..
evnthgh i panas baran, i dh pandai kawal..
entahlah..xth apeyg menarik lg..
mcm xmenarik jer...


for sure my parent.. kt xkan ade kat dunia ni tanpa mereka...


time sekolah dlu sblm tdo ramai sparepartS (yg drg rs drg the only 1 for me..hahahaha *rude laugh) akan call i dlu...pas je dh abis semua, i akan call my best frens.. pillowtalk everynite..until bill tepon melambung2...sorry mak abah..huhuhu...


semua yg bace...

x abis byr hutang shima..

What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1) bayar semua hutang tagged by my fwens..
2) jogging petang ni..
3) cari info2 tuk start bt design..
4) tdo..
5) jalan2..
actually arini i'm free skit..
so time to slow skit..

What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1) lollipop.. (used to be)
2) bread?? is dat a snack??
3) salad.. (fruits & vege)
4) kuih muih..
5) milo.. snack gak kan??
i'm on my dieting program..
so i jarang ambik snack..
snack yg i ambik pn mcm i list kan ni lah..

What are 5 jobs you’ve had?
1) waitress (pas UPSR at my dad's restaurant)
2) promoter (pas PMR at kedai2 kecik, shoppg mall)
3) asst. supervisor (cuti final form 4 at The Store)
4) operator pengeluaran kilang, clerk private office, staff McD, Promoter kdai2 kecik, and
bbrape tmpt lagi..lupe pulak.. (pas SPM, xdpt PKN, sblm msk Uitm..)
5) now an architecture student & pernah practical kat MBJB and Kaz Akitek..
mann.. i love cari duit...

People you wanna tag back?
sape2 yg bace tag ni n xbt lagi..

blog pn ade award ker???

i dapat award blog plg giler2..
thanks shima...
i xperasan pn..
dh lame xupdate blog..


Oct 13

waaaaa~ im so touched! tq my pwen sofahani~ =D. *credits to the person who make this picture it's so cute!! hehehe neva realize that i could be awarded "blog paling best!" XDDD

anyway this a tag for ur info. the rules are (in malay):
1. Bagi just kat orang yang dirasakan GILA-GILA / BEST
2. Bagi kat 5 orang sahaja
3. Link orang yang terima award ni
4. Sesiapa dapat Award ni DiWAJIBkan buat POSTING sebab dia dapat award ni kat blog dia
5. Beritahu orang yang dapat award ini kt blog dia ok ! (buat trackback sahaja pun sudah memadai)

so the winners are~
1. Datin Fatin Shaza!!
2. Syimi Syimaro!!
3. Ninie Alien..
4.Crancky Dayang..
5.Hidayu Blog dalam Facebook die..( cheat blog facebook plak)

blog pn ade award ker???

tagged from shima lagi..

1. What is your name?
Diane Sera Farhanah Sedik

2. How old are you?
21 n becoming 22 dis april.. wow!!

3. What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
hp, laptop, hair gadget (haidryer, straightener, etc)

4. Are you amazing?
my boo said so..

5. What is the brand of the phone you are using?
nokia for sure..

6. What color is your phone?

7. Have you slept in school before?
yes many times

8. How long are you online in a day?
can be 24 hours if i'm in a mood to on9

9. How would you describe yourself?
never describe myself coz other people are mirrors for me..

10. What's your favourite topic to talk about?
figure shae, diet, beauty, fashion, love, and architecture sometimes..

11. Which teacher do you like?
pn neta..she's a 2nd mom for me..

12. Who do you think is the most handsomest in your class?
ha?? sape?? mcm xde jer..klo sedap mate memandang bleylar..

13. Who are you currently aiming on?
my 2nd become hate..

14. Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?
skit jer coz ktorg adik bradik sk bt hal sendri..

15. How do you rate your siblings?
1st is my stupid nak mampos my 2nd bro coz tgglkan femly sendri..BODOH!
2st is my lame & bingai 1st bro.. rs mcm nk ketuk kpale die smpai pecah..
3rd is my last lil bro yg msk burger sampai accident kat dri sendri..
4th is lil bro bwh i coz mintak GP super grand bike for reward pas PMR..result xseberape mintak bende merepek2..

16. Are your siblings gorgeous?
my 1st bro mcm muka En.Zaki (lec perak)..xth nk describe hensem ke x..
my 2nd bro terlalu rmai pompuan kejar die..
me?? try to be gorgeous if i berjaye kurus..
my 2nd lil bro pn ramai sparepart..couple 4 girl dlm 1 ms & make me as his jury to choose the suitable girl for him
my lat lil bro use to be hensem tapi pas accident, muka die berparut..tapi still ade bbrape girl nk couple ngan die..

17. Do you judge people?
sometimes tapi xslalu..

18. Do you run?
jog every evening, sure..exercise is soo damn important..

19. Are you lazy to tag people?
depends on my mood

20. Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
my mom!! miss her much!!

21. What is 2 + 2?
a confusing eyes ( 2 2 ) with a jambu batu nose (+)

22. Who is your idol?
parent..and rozita ibrahim (pengasas sendayu tinggi) ..

23. Are you a monster?
everytime in not in a mood n evrytime i'm loosing my patience..

24. Do you play with Barbie dolls?
YESS!!! maybe until now..i'm a dolls collector since the aged of 3

25. What was the last movie you watched?
bedtime story...adam n fun movie to watched..

26. What do you think of your English?
not perfect..still gagap..

27. What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
everyday communication..

28. Who do you hate?
well~ my 2nd bro..
anak derhaka to my dad..
dont mess with me if u messing with my dad..

29. Do you love yourself?

30. Blurt out 5 random words

now im goin to tag:
those people who in my fren list...

tagged from shima..

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday: 22 years old

2. Place you want to travel to: all over the world

3. Your favorite place:clean beach, my bedroom, themepark, library and...dancefloor..huhuhu..

4. Your favorite food: as long as less fat n ajinamoto..pening..

5. Your favorite pet: cats & hamster femly..

6. Favorite color combination: black n white, black n red, black n pink, pink n yellow...

7. Favorite piece of clothing: jeans, babydoll dress n kebaya nyonya..

8. Your all time favorite songs: songs by britney and beyonce..

9. Favorite TV show: rarely tgk TV tapi the next top model and hollywood celebrity reality TV shows are the best!!

10. First name of your significant other/crush: adelah...

11. Which town do you live in: Jay Bee Yaww!!

12. Your screen name/nickname: anne, diane, sera, sheera, baby, farhanah, ana, natasha, tasha, adik, akak...

13. Your first job: keje part time at my dad's restaurant at the aged 12

14. Your dream job: i can be an architect for women's desire and for sure just love to be just like Pn Rozita Ibrahim (a succesful bussinesswomen in spa n beauty carrier)

15. One bad habit that you have: terlampau risau with my figure shape n almost anything i can do just to make sure i'm not being fat!! i hate fat!!

16. Worst fear: Allah s.w.t..and i know dosa i terlali byk n ssh nk tgglkn ape xbley bt n bt ape yg perlu ditgglkn..

17: Things you'd like to do before you die: pack some 'things' that im going to need in the next world

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000: i will design my own biggest & expensive spa in the world and run it until i can be the top list of the millionaire in the world!! coz spa is a place for women to be pamper..

19. Your husband/wife: khairol helmi...doakan kami kawin lg 5 or 6 thn & berkekalan slamenyer...

now im tagging : all my fwens in my fwens list

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bayar hutang tag shima! waaa!!!

y did u dis to me...

1. Include 3 pictures that u think that they're showing the sexyness of you.
2. Sexy doesnt mean over-skin-barring & mini clothes, maybe bcuz of your smiles, your eyes???
3. Give reasons on why do u think those pictures are sexy
4. Tag 5 sexy people
5. Happy Sexy~ XD

i think dis picture is sexy for the age like dat..
ni ms i 4 years old..
ms attend beach party and involve dlm modelling competition..
i xthlh mane dh gambar2 modelling yg len ms kecik2..
my mom xsk i kuarkan gmbr dr album..
ni pn i curi2 scan..
hehehe..sori mom..

the dark site of me..
i mean, gothic me..
dis a bit sexy not bcoz of the bare shoulder, tapi the style..
first time photoshoot goth style..
thanks to my photographer (pure gothgurl) Dania..
lgpn i slim skit time ni..

lastly..maybe dis pic..
i dont know y..
tapi ramai ckap dis pic sexy sgt2..
ade ckp mcm pompan gersang..
ni i ambik time br pas bangun tdo..
well, actually FYI..
the sexiest part for a women is the beautiness expression when she woke up early in the morning..
i dh tanye rmai lelaki n they agreed..
bler i asked them y?
drg ckp coz of the 'Natural Beauty'
dats so funny for me...

i tag to all the people who read my tag right now..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bored with yr old-fashioned hairstyle??? try this!!


Today's hair trends can be broken down into five general categories:
Old Hollywood Glamour - The vintage Hollywood glamour look is characterized by smooth, voluptuous waves, and deep side parts. The best techniques to get the look are pin curling and finger waving. Top it off with a beautiful vintage accessory on one side or at the back. Look for items with rhinestones or feathers, especially ostrich feathers...we'll be seeing alot of those.

80's Inspired - A return to the 80's means an influence from that time...texture and movement, shorter layers throughout the top, lots of waves and tousled curls. It does not mean that if you're still sporting a tired old eighties mullet, you're suddenly back en vogue.

The New Mod - Think "super-fly Beatle". The re-born version of the classic 50's-60's mod style has shorter lengths and texture in the crown, which become heavy, almost blunt bangs that skim the eyelashes. Annoying, I know, but hey...what's a little discomfort in the name of fashion? The back and sides of the new mod style can range from short to medium with either lots of texture or distinct bluntness around the hairline.

Disconnected and Asymmetric Cuts - Extreme angles create a sculptural feel with this hair trend. Blunt edges cut in unexpected places. No blendy-blend here. This trend is very edgy, but can be tamed down by going with an asymmetric cut (one side longer than the other). The angle of the cut can range from a gentle slope to a plummet, with one side very short, graduating to chin-length as it comes around the head.


Very short haired folks can also take advantage of this trend. Carve fun patterns into the sides of the hair. Or go more extreme with a version like I recently saw Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies sporting. Part shaved, part everyday guys short haircut. It looked to me like he had to bolt from the barber's chair halfway through his buzz, but it's all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Mohawks and Faux-Hawks - A hot trend for both guys and gals, the mohawk will be settlin' in for a good spell. This look is immensely versatile, possible to mimic on any hair length. If your hair is short, use a wax or gel and simply direct it forward and up in the center. For a temporary mohawk on longer lengths, back comb a rectangular section from your front hairline to your crown. Slick the sides down close to your head, either behind the ears or secure these sections straight back and underneath the back sections. Instant today...gone tomorrow!

A tad more commitment is required to achieve an authentic mohawk look. You'll need to have your stylist trim up the sides and back/sides, leaving a "peak" of length down the center of the head (obviously), otherwise, it'll be difficult to create the classic mohawk shape. Make a trend your own by incorporating elements from one or two of the above influences. Keep your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle in mind when choosing a new hair style. Just because a mohawk is in style doesn't mean you're an automatic candidate to sport one. If you have a long or diamond shaped face, a full-on mohawk would be a disaster. (Unless you're going for the "pointy head" look, which is doubtful.)

If you like to experiment, stick with the trends that don't require alot of commitment with the haircut. The Hollywood Glamour look, the faux-hawk, and the new mod are good options for this because they can easily be changed the next day. Hair style trends are forever shifting, morphing into new versions of themselves, then dying out entirely...well, at least for the next few decades, 'til they emerge once again and sweep the planet. Now that you're feeling inspired, let me leave you with this...Have fun with your hair! After all, you'll be dealing with it on a daily basis for the rest of your life...What better reason to spice it up a little?!

other hairstyle latest 2009:

wavvy long hairstyle..

goth hairstyle:

fringe & bangs:

hope u'll guys love it!!!