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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can you trick yourself into liking exercise?

Geri Halliwell went for jogging

I want to (and know I should) exercise more. I actually like to run—but sometimes I find all kinds of excuses to skip exercise..

When I get into these ruts, I try to remind myself that even President Obama makes time to exercise. But that sort of reasoning doesn’t really get me out the door on a run.

What does work for me? These are 4 tricks EXAMPLES to get to exercise more:

  • Rewards—such as a eating Asian foods tomyam,bihun goreng,etc)or any delicious, healthy long as their healthy...
  • For every mile I run, I burn tones of fats so dat i can buy new dresses..
  • I’ve also started subscribing to the idea that exercise doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” and reminding myself that walking with my frens is legitimate physical activity. Even vacuuming the house counts for something: it’s lifestyle exercise. So I’m volunteering for those sorts of jobs..anything..even walking to the studio everyday..have classes or not..
  • Setting goals for myself—both big ones and small ones. I’ll be motivated to get regular exercise if I know I’m working toward a bigger goal.set goals are so important in anything we're doing in our life
Exercise may never come naturally to me, but history tells me that I’ll never stop using little tricks and bribes to stay as active as possible.

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