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Friday, April 17, 2009

Celeb tag..

tagged by shaza..

Rules: Put a picture of a favourite celebrity (opposite sex!) that you admire and give 3 reasons why you choose him/her.


I dh mula falling in love with this guy when i was 8 years old...darjah 2..time tu i tgk video Get Down, BackStreet Boys...i rasa die sangat3 hensem tahap dewa!!! his voice really2 makes me dream of him every nite n day...maybe..physically mamat nie memenuhi criteria guy yang i idamkan koott... wanna know what are the criteria??

The criteria of Nick Carter dat makes him so special for me:

1. Love his style..hippy, 'player', fun, cool and such an ordinary young funky guy walaupun die dh tua skit skg ni..die ni selamber derkk...xkisah dgn ape org ckp tentang keburukan die..die still akan buat ape die rase nak buat...die paling agresif antara BSB yang lain...die jenis outdoor type of person yang xleh dok diam2 dlm satu tempat...klo x, die boleh depress..die ni gak obsess jage badan..die pernah depress sebab gemok..tapi skg die dh back to his hot figure!!!
die sangat2 hensem untuk i..

2. Dalam music industry, die sangat2 berbakat...die bleh men byk instrument dgn jayernyer..huhuhuu...die composer yang hebat..idol die nirvana curt cobain & micheal jackson.. so mostly music yg die bt , byk inspired by them...voice die buat i mengigau sepanjang teen life i..
voice die sgt husky & sexy.. auuwww!!! dats hot!!! die paling muda dlm BSB..everybody knows dat...die ni talented dlm music industry...he's great in singing, dancing, playing musical instrument, composer, acting and senang cakap die byk lagi talent die dlm industry ni..he was born to be in HOLLYWOOD!!!

3. When it's comes to family, die adelah abang sulung yang paling mithali... honestly...i'm not bluffinglh..tgk sendri citer HOUSE OF CARTER..xtahulah klo die berpura2 jer dlm citer tu..tapi setakat yg i ambik tahu pasal die dr umo i 8 tahun, he's a good son to his parent and a good big bro to his sibling..walaupun die ni ade mslh kronik ngan attitude die, tapi dgn adik2 die jaga n didik betol2..Parent die dh die rasa tggjwb tuk jg adik2 die, die sendri tanggung..and he is sooo such a sweet big brother..sayang giler kat adik2 die yg berperangai setan tu..lagi 1, die ni ambassador or pengerusi kat satu badan charity ni..lupe namenyer..tapi lebih kurang charity pasal saving wild life especially dolphine..mamat ni, die beachboy..wave surfer & snookerling professional..dats y die obses ngan kehidupan laut2 ni..

tagged by shaza laaaggiii....

(forward from facebook)

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Diane

2. A four Letter Word : Duhh??

3. A boy's Name : Daniel

4. A girl's Name : Daania

5. An occupation : Designer

6. A colour : Dark deep colour

7. Something you'll wear : dress..

9. A food : Donuts??

10. Something found in the bathroom: Darlie Dove Dettol ..huuuu

11. A place : Disneyland!!!

12. A reason for being late: Dugaan... banyak sgt dugaan on de way nak datang..hhaha..

13. Something you'd shout : DAMN YOU M****f*****!!!

14. A movie title : Doomsday..

15. Something you drink : Drinkho...soya milk lah slalunyer..

16. A musical group : Danity Kane??

17. An animal : Dog??? entahlh..

18. A street name : Desaru road..

19. A type of car : DeLaChapelle sports car..!! go bebeh!!

20. The title of a song : Dont Cha!!! Pussycat Dolls..

im tagging - sume yg baca tag ni...

tagged tagged tagged..

Tagged by Shaza


1. updated fashion victim...
2. shopping shopping or non online..huhhuhu..
3. very helpful with my design idea..
4. my photoshop teacher..
5. anime hobby...
6. my fashion news updater..hahahah..
7. she sooo quiet n livin in her own world..
8. cant talk while driving car..
9. day dreamer..
10. she's a nice girl..but sometimes emotional..


1. i dont like to 'puji' my self
2. people as my feedback for my personality..
3. i'm a nice, funny n fun kind a friend to be with..
4. dont mess with me!! or you're in big trouble..
5. they called me Britney Spears n i dont know why..i dont care..
6. i'm a serious type of person when its comes to work..i can be strict and bossy sometimes..
7. outdoor n extreme sports fan..
8. totally obses with make up, figure shape, hair-do, etc ....all bout beauty..
(beautician wanna be tapi xkesampaian coz xdirestui lagi..)
9. i have my own style..
10. people just dont understand me...u dont know me..


to all the readers yg xbt lagi tag ni...