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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ni semua collection baju yang i dah xboley pkai..
Actually banyak lagi, tapi malas nak upload..
Ni semua disebabkan badanku yang montel...

Wanna know what???
I baru abis holiday seminggu in Jay Bee yaw!!
Teruk koooottttt...
Sebab-sebab nyer adelahhh:

I ate Nasi Ayam at ma fren's house for dinner...
And ate nasi campur for dinner at ma house..
Cannot resist klo xmakan our mom's cook..

i buat variety types of pudding everyday for my mom..
i'm on ma diet..
i only boleh makan a slice of every pudding yg i buat..

P wayang ngan ma gurlz..lepak2..
tapi dorang saje nak goda i...
large popcorn & coke..

no more munch2 while surfing internet..

Ma aunty datang rumah n bawakkan ktorg some buah tangan...
sooo menggoda....

I'm ruin ma diet..
terok klo dok rumah..
dugaan macam2...

Dah blek u ni, kne workout lagi gigih...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Let pyramid and exercise be your frenz

Temptating kan klo tengok bende2 ni semua???
Pernah terpikir x about how much calories in every food we ate???
Are those calories will be burn into energy if our works only sitting n thinking about design???
Lagi lame kite duduk pikir pasal design lagi stress fikiran kite..
Bler lagi stress lagi banyak lah kite isi masa stress dengan mencari "kawan2" kite di atas ni..
Ni "kawan" baik untuk org stress coz bende2 ni lah bt kite hepi...btol x??
Tapi bler "kawan2" ni dah conquer badan kite, "kawan" kite si penimbang ni akan gelak tgk badan kite makin berat n time tu lah kite nak menyesal n marah kat "kawan2" kite yang kat atas tu...
Hmm...mmg susah untuk musuhi mereka...
Xpe...kite jgn musuh...kite just lupekan die n jadikan piramid makanan "kawan" kite pulak..
Exercise plak jadi bestfren kite...
Time bt design, jgn letak "dorang yang jahat tu" sebelah kite...letak dorang dalam almari yg tertutup n berlabel "klo nak gemok,bukaklah almari ni n bite me!!"..
Mesti kite takut..klo xtkt,xth nk ckp ar...masih byk lagi usaha kne tingkatkan...
Cara ni adalah salah satu cara yang ma doctor advice me aritu...
Butakan mata biler nampak "kawan2 jahat" tu melambai n panggil kite..
Hidayu Lamien pernah bagitahu yang:

if u r waving your hand to others n when others wave back at u,
it must be your jelly under your arms...

pham x?
klo x, tanyer Ayu sendri...

Friday, August 15, 2008


From heavy big fat women transfer into young sexy babes...
Every girls do want to be like that..
For what???
In what reason do they always maintaining their figure to look sexy and slim always??
Coz of ashame? slower than snail? dont have boyfren? cant find size when shoppin clothes? lack of self-confident? and much more...
Everybody have their own reasons 'WHY??'
I do believe that fat person can go slimmer if she really passionate in achieving her dream..
Everything that we do need to have targets..
And every target that we aim, need to have efforts and courage...
I am also in ma process of losing some weight..
I have ma target..
I have ma effort n courage..
And i do have ma own ways in losing weight..
Stop taking any nonsense drugs, starvation or anything that makes the person ill while dieting..
To me, i'll do the right way...
Just need to be more patient, more efforts, more support n see the result..
I know i can do it..
This is ma 3rd time trying to lose weight after 2x give up...
And this time..
I will show to ma selt that I CAN!!!! I WILL!!!!


*** ma fat n ugly photos


I hate being ma self sometimes...i cant eat wat i like, i cant make groovy move in ma dance anymore,i cant fit any cool tops or sexy jeans, and fuckin' damn annoying is i'm A BIG SLOW BUNCH OF FATS THAT CANT MOVE FASTER!!!!

Actually this is not the best way to KUTUK yourself...'s just sometimes i felt soooo fat and i hate ma lil bro' dah kurus...but wat bout me??? i jeles tgk my bro dh kurus n ma dad dgn suke relanyer menghantar die masuk HD SHUFFLE@JB...Giler jeles!!!sebab die dah fit n die dah bley buat shuffle dengan sangat styloo...

Maybe now is ma lil bro tu slalu ejek i GEMOK and dats y i'm a bit sad with ma self...time sekolah dlu pon mcm tu jugak...and the best part of all,i ade banyak nickname yang org2 jahat tu bagi:

BEG LEMAK, PEAR, MAK KPD 10 ANAK, blablabla..."

Hummm...oh god...pleaaassseeee give me more strenght everytime i see my reflection on the mirror....Even ma mom love to make fun of ma 'fatness'...duhh...but ma dad didnt care at all.he told me as long as i healthy, he's always happy.... hehehhehhehehhe....DO I LOOK HEALTHY??? NOOOO!!! heloo....'fatty' is covering all over ma figure heeerrreeee.....

Huhh...sick n tired of being 'puffy' girl...and ma boo told me that i look much better if i would rather '' lose another 3 or 4 pounds'' ... is that a rude word for a boy comment her girl??? at first i thought it was R.U.D.E but then i can accept coz to me he's acting as ma mirror...reflect back who i am...i accept his opinion as ma CHALLENGE...

I do want to lose until ma ideal weight which is i'm 65kg..dats mean i need to workout n lose 15 kg by this years (if i can...) the end of this year ma ex highschool will arrange a reunion dinner at Hilton Hotel JB with GLAMOROUS NITE theme...if i berjaya fit in ma new dinner dress, i'll go..if not, strictly I'M NOT GOING THERE N HEARING THOSE STUPID HUMAN TEASING ME ALL OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! GOD!!! REALLY A NITEMARE!!!

Now, i'm arranging back ma routine to be more healthy, more jog, more spending time in gym and less eating food that ma body really dont need...i'm just hoping that i can lose at least 1 or 2 pound this month and keep on going until they stop calling me GEMOK!!

P/S: i'll try to always update my losing weight progress in ma blog n love if u guys could help me to share ya'll 'fatty @ chubby' experience or some advices so that i can get ma confident back on track again...