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Friday, August 15, 2008


*** ma fat n ugly photos


I hate being ma self sometimes...i cant eat wat i like, i cant make groovy move in ma dance anymore,i cant fit any cool tops or sexy jeans, and fuckin' damn annoying is i'm A BIG SLOW BUNCH OF FATS THAT CANT MOVE FASTER!!!!

Actually this is not the best way to KUTUK yourself...'s just sometimes i felt soooo fat and i hate ma lil bro' dah kurus...but wat bout me??? i jeles tgk my bro dh kurus n ma dad dgn suke relanyer menghantar die masuk HD SHUFFLE@JB...Giler jeles!!!sebab die dah fit n die dah bley buat shuffle dengan sangat styloo...

Maybe now is ma lil bro tu slalu ejek i GEMOK and dats y i'm a bit sad with ma self...time sekolah dlu pon mcm tu jugak...and the best part of all,i ade banyak nickname yang org2 jahat tu bagi:

BEG LEMAK, PEAR, MAK KPD 10 ANAK, blablabla..."

Hummm...oh god...pleaaassseeee give me more strenght everytime i see my reflection on the mirror....Even ma mom love to make fun of ma 'fatness'...duhh...but ma dad didnt care at all.he told me as long as i healthy, he's always happy.... hehehhehhehehhe....DO I LOOK HEALTHY??? NOOOO!!! heloo....'fatty' is covering all over ma figure heeerrreeee.....

Huhh...sick n tired of being 'puffy' girl...and ma boo told me that i look much better if i would rather '' lose another 3 or 4 pounds'' ... is that a rude word for a boy comment her girl??? at first i thought it was R.U.D.E but then i can accept coz to me he's acting as ma mirror...reflect back who i am...i accept his opinion as ma CHALLENGE...

I do want to lose until ma ideal weight which is i'm 65kg..dats mean i need to workout n lose 15 kg by this years (if i can...) the end of this year ma ex highschool will arrange a reunion dinner at Hilton Hotel JB with GLAMOROUS NITE theme...if i berjaya fit in ma new dinner dress, i'll go..if not, strictly I'M NOT GOING THERE N HEARING THOSE STUPID HUMAN TEASING ME ALL OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! GOD!!! REALLY A NITEMARE!!!

Now, i'm arranging back ma routine to be more healthy, more jog, more spending time in gym and less eating food that ma body really dont need...i'm just hoping that i can lose at least 1 or 2 pound this month and keep on going until they stop calling me GEMOK!!

P/S: i'll try to always update my losing weight progress in ma blog n love if u guys could help me to share ya'll 'fatty @ chubby' experience or some advices so that i can get ma confident back on track again...

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  1. Anne! I dah link you kat page I!

    Even though you ckp u fat, I rasa u still sgt HOT!

    Size doesn't matter!