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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ni semua collection baju yang i dah xboley pkai..
Actually banyak lagi, tapi malas nak upload..
Ni semua disebabkan badanku yang montel...

Wanna know what???
I baru abis holiday seminggu in Jay Bee yaw!!
Teruk koooottttt...
Sebab-sebab nyer adelahhh:

I ate Nasi Ayam at ma fren's house for dinner...
And ate nasi campur for dinner at ma house..
Cannot resist klo xmakan our mom's cook..

i buat variety types of pudding everyday for my mom..
i'm on ma diet..
i only boleh makan a slice of every pudding yg i buat..

P wayang ngan ma gurlz..lepak2..
tapi dorang saje nak goda i...
large popcorn & coke..

no more munch2 while surfing internet..

Ma aunty datang rumah n bawakkan ktorg some buah tangan...
sooo menggoda....

I'm ruin ma diet..
terok klo dok rumah..
dugaan macam2...

Dah blek u ni, kne workout lagi gigih...


  1. awat obses gile pasal kegemokkan ni...saba k

  2. Ha? I mcm penah nampak baju kurung biru tu~~ u pakai waktu dinner part 3 kan?