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Friday, January 16, 2009

tagged from shima lagi..

1. What is your name?
Diane Sera Farhanah Sedik

2. How old are you?
21 n becoming 22 dis april.. wow!!

3. What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
hp, laptop, hair gadget (haidryer, straightener, etc)

4. Are you amazing?
my boo said so..

5. What is the brand of the phone you are using?
nokia for sure..

6. What color is your phone?

7. Have you slept in school before?
yes many times

8. How long are you online in a day?
can be 24 hours if i'm in a mood to on9

9. How would you describe yourself?
never describe myself coz other people are mirrors for me..

10. What's your favourite topic to talk about?
figure shae, diet, beauty, fashion, love, and architecture sometimes..

11. Which teacher do you like?
pn neta..she's a 2nd mom for me..

12. Who do you think is the most handsomest in your class?
ha?? sape?? mcm xde jer..klo sedap mate memandang bleylar..

13. Who are you currently aiming on?
my 2nd become hate..

14. Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?
skit jer coz ktorg adik bradik sk bt hal sendri..

15. How do you rate your siblings?
1st is my stupid nak mampos my 2nd bro coz tgglkan femly sendri..BODOH!
2st is my lame & bingai 1st bro.. rs mcm nk ketuk kpale die smpai pecah..
3rd is my last lil bro yg msk burger sampai accident kat dri sendri..
4th is lil bro bwh i coz mintak GP super grand bike for reward pas PMR..result xseberape mintak bende merepek2..

16. Are your siblings gorgeous?
my 1st bro mcm muka En.Zaki (lec perak)..xth nk describe hensem ke x..
my 2nd bro terlalu rmai pompuan kejar die..
me?? try to be gorgeous if i berjaye kurus..
my 2nd lil bro pn ramai sparepart..couple 4 girl dlm 1 ms & make me as his jury to choose the suitable girl for him
my lat lil bro use to be hensem tapi pas accident, muka die berparut..tapi still ade bbrape girl nk couple ngan die..

17. Do you judge people?
sometimes tapi xslalu..

18. Do you run?
jog every evening, sure..exercise is soo damn important..

19. Are you lazy to tag people?
depends on my mood

20. Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
my mom!! miss her much!!

21. What is 2 + 2?
a confusing eyes ( 2 2 ) with a jambu batu nose (+)

22. Who is your idol?
parent..and rozita ibrahim (pengasas sendayu tinggi) ..

23. Are you a monster?
everytime in not in a mood n evrytime i'm loosing my patience..

24. Do you play with Barbie dolls?
YESS!!! maybe until now..i'm a dolls collector since the aged of 3

25. What was the last movie you watched?
bedtime story...adam n fun movie to watched..

26. What do you think of your English?
not perfect..still gagap..

27. What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
everyday communication..

28. Who do you hate?
well~ my 2nd bro..
anak derhaka to my dad..
dont mess with me if u messing with my dad..

29. Do you love yourself?

30. Blurt out 5 random words

now im goin to tag:
those people who in my fren list...

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