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Thursday, January 15, 2009

bayar hutang tag shima! waaa!!!

y did u dis to me...

1. Include 3 pictures that u think that they're showing the sexyness of you.
2. Sexy doesnt mean over-skin-barring & mini clothes, maybe bcuz of your smiles, your eyes???
3. Give reasons on why do u think those pictures are sexy
4. Tag 5 sexy people
5. Happy Sexy~ XD

i think dis picture is sexy for the age like dat..
ni ms i 4 years old..
ms attend beach party and involve dlm modelling competition..
i xthlh mane dh gambar2 modelling yg len ms kecik2..
my mom xsk i kuarkan gmbr dr album..
ni pn i curi2 scan..
hehehe..sori mom..

the dark site of me..
i mean, gothic me..
dis a bit sexy not bcoz of the bare shoulder, tapi the style..
first time photoshoot goth style..
thanks to my photographer (pure gothgurl) Dania..
lgpn i slim skit time ni..

lastly..maybe dis pic..
i dont know y..
tapi ramai ckap dis pic sexy sgt2..
ade ckp mcm pompan gersang..
ni i ambik time br pas bangun tdo..
well, actually FYI..
the sexiest part for a women is the beautiness expression when she woke up early in the morning..
i dh tanye rmai lelaki n they agreed..
bler i asked them y?
drg ckp coz of the 'Natural Beauty'
dats so funny for me...

i tag to all the people who read my tag right now..

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