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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

aduss..x abis lg hutang2 ni...

a) 7 facts bout me (my frens opinion):

1. panas baran, good listener & advisor, (ieka said)

2. incontrolled & 'pandai' (feera said)

3. pemandu berhemah (wahida said)

4. bold = brave , fashion concious (munif said)

5. cun, independent (fatin shaza said)

6. degil, kuat nangis (krol said)

7. need to know me well before judging me.. (i said to everybody)

b) 7 things that scared me the most

1. hari kiamat..banyak xtebus dosa lagi..

2. losing my femly..

3. break up with my khairol helmi..

4. losing my frens dat i love so much!!!

5. my money draining like water!!!

6. losing my figure shape..i hate being fat...

7. when i fail to achieve dat i really3 want in my life..

c) Top 7 songs

1. Britney Spears - Circus
2. Kerli - Walking on air
3. Chris Brown - Shawty get loose
4. Rihanna - Live your Life
5. Flo Rida - Low
6. Bunkface - Situasi
7. Paris Hilton - Turn You On

d) 7 words that always comes out from your mouth

1. duhh??
2. ermmm..
3. hmmm..
4. wat ever..
5. aduss..
6. stressnyer!!
7. woah!

e) 7 things that're precious

1. my family..
2. money
3. my boo..
4. koko kangkang, cinta, pinkosh, & byk lg..
5. my closet kat rumah..
6. my handphones
7. my lappy, haddy & penddy..

f) 7 first times

1. turun 60kg dlm ms 3 bulan..

2. dapat cupcakes from ninie..

3. drive p sunway lagoon & uptown shah alam dgn my boo..

4. bli 2nd hp & external hard disk with my own money..

5. dapat besday present (kete iswara n sebuah rumah teres) from my dad at the age 20

6. dapat pecah record family dapat course paling professional (architecture)

7. declair couple dgn khairol dalam phone before p blind date..

g)7 LUCKY people that i tagged

1. shazox
2. shima
3. ayu
4. zila
5. dayang
6. alia
7. sleazy

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