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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tagged by ninie..(kne bt gak ker??)

Name? diane sera farhanah bt sedik


Height? 156cm
Age? 21
Tomboy or Girly Girl?girly girl after couple


Describe your beauty routine?

mandi: palmolive berry blast shower gel, apricot body scrub, colgate, head & shoulders intensive shampoo, sunsilk damage repair conditioner, veet hair remover, loofa, hygiene wash, hmm..ade byk toiletries..lupelah..

skin care: 'tamarine' facial wash, 'tumaric' skin repair cream, clean & clear moisterizer, nivea lotion, enchanture lotion

make up: elianto conceler, silkygirl compact powder (ivory), trendy chic eyeshadow & blusher, silkygirl black eyeliner, nivea lipbalm, mayballine lipgloss (sexy pink)..tu jer ari2 pkai..

hair: sunsilk serum or johnson baby oil.. straightening iron, hair dryer n akan beli thong xlm lg..

perfume:ralph lauren(sporty) or body shop or escada (rockin' chic)

deodorant: rexona spray & roll on

ok..baru confident kuar dr bilik..

Describe your hair?
setakat tgh study lg ni, straight sudeyy..senang nk jage & kemas..

Describe your personal style?
simple description, i will wear anything that looks nice on me..
tapi berpada2 jugaklarr..

do you...

Like metrosexual boys?

depends on how the boy present that metrosexual..
just a simple macho metrosexual..

Like accessories?
not really..wristwatch, hair accessories & ear rings perhaps..

Like high heels?
love it sooo much..tapi pkai pada waktu2 yg sesuai..
daily pkai sportshoes, sliper or sandle..

Like matchy matchy, or mix and match?
dats me!

Spend a lot of money on beauty products in general?
aduss!! terasa sey.. ayat tu ibarat tamparan hebat di pipiku ini..

Shop online for clothes?
sometimes..if in a mood..

Steal style ideas from friends?
no way!! i've got my own style!


Article of clothing in your closet?
mix of britney spears, avril, kat deluna

Makeup line?
dont mind, as long as no irritation effects to my skin..
(i had a very sensitif skin complection)

Skincare line?
nivea & specialist cream

i'm a perfeum 'maniac'..

Colors to wear?
50% black , 40% pink & 10% other color ( purple, brown, white, etc)

what stuff

What is a trend you dislike the most?
baju kurung or kebaya with sports shoes?! totally reject!!

What is your fashion philosophy?
xkisah coz i'm not a fashion victim actually..i pn xpkr sgt bout fashion coz i'm concentrait on my healhty diet..after dah kurus br boleh dress up lawa2..i just dont agree with fat woman's fashion..

What kind of shoes do you like?
heels, sports shoes, sneekers, wedges/platform, n byk lg..

What is your biggest fashion problem?
i ade byk muffin!!!! waaaaaa!!!
kdg2 bj xmuat & ssh cr saiz...

What old trends do you think should come back?
kebaya baba nyonya's

What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
victoria's secret!!!
xkisahlh baju pape pn..


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
klo ade klas (10 minutes)
klo kuar ngan parent (20 minutes)
klo cuti or hang out with frens (30 minutes)
klo dating (2 hours)

Would you ever go out in public without makeup?
ape salahnyer..eventhough make up tu my passion, tp i xksh go out with out makeup coz natural beauty..tapi..lipbalm n compact powder wajib ler..xley lepas..

If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why?
fashion bugdet???
nak bli semua famous fashion brand kat dunia ni..
p around the world just to buy kat original shop where's the brand made by coz nk ori..bukan pimpotpetpot pnyer brg & thai china made..nk beli kat kedai ori die jugak!!

Is there anything you absolutely CAN'T wear?
miniskirt n short pants.. kaki xcantik..
sleeveless..lengan flabby..
bikini..flab flab flab

If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?
design by my own..tapi ninie jahit..hehehe..bley mintak best price..murah skit..hahahhaha..


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