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Thursday, February 19, 2009

barbie dolls make up style..

everybody know yang i ade cita2 nak jadi make up artist...
i slalu gak study ringan2 bout variety types of make up technique..

tapi mase td, i surf kat internet..
then i terjumpa satu make up style yang i pernah buat tanpa i sedari..


remember this????
time ni malam dinner archy n concept monochrome (black & white)..
so dat nite i try to bawak goth lolita stlye..

'm wearing gothic short lace black skirt...
baby t putih with black half cardigan..
my fav. sneaker i alter jadi goth style..
also my fav black beret on top of my head as the accessories dat nite..

but the make up was the main attraction..
i make up myself to be some kind of doll's face..
xthlh jadi ke x..sbb time tu make up eqpmt xcukup..
so, belasah jer ape yg ade..

xsgke pulak di nobat sbg Queen Of The Nite...
mcm xpercaye..
menggeletar satu badan naik pentas..
rasa mcm di perhatikan semua org..
daa~ mmg pn..

nak citer pasal make up style jer td, bkn pasal sejarah mlm tu..
klo nk tahu camne nk make up mcm tu..
dtg lh jumpe i with complete set of equipment..
baru senang nak ajar..
ok..chaw2 dear..

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