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Sunday, May 23, 2010


1. hotel booking - DONE...
2. ambik baju konvo present from mak angkat - DONE...thanks mama...sumpah suke baju tu...lawa..
3. teman parent shopping bli baju dorang and me shopping to refill back my make up set - DONE..
4. p ambik studio photoshoot with femly - DONE
5. tampal stiker konvo kt kete and bwk invitation card - DONE
6. iron sume baju termasuk jubah - DONE...huhu...xleh blah, jubah pon iron...semangat konvo...
7. trial make practise for to cover my blemishes - DONE...stupid blemishes...
8. packing all my stuff for 3days at shah alam - DONE...done forget to bring my gladiator and crocs..
9. make sure my make up set complete - DONE
10. set up appointment with photographer - DONE
11. prepare duit for full payment framed sijil and photographer - TO DO ON SUNDAY
12. charges my camera and hp - DONE
13. dont forget all barang2 mandi and towel - SUNDAY MORNING
14. check kete before bertolak - SUNDAY MORNING
15. set alarm clock wake up early tomorrow morning for long journey to shah alam.. - DONE
16. dont forget to do home facial treatment and manicure n pedicure tonite before sleep - DONE
17. check facebook before go to sleep - DONE..huhu..
18. check boutique bisness progress on website - DONE
19. check giliran no for konvo - DONE..
20. make sure everything important already in handbag - DONE
21. jubah gantung dlm kete - DONE
22. pesan adik jaga rumah and kucing2 - SUNDAY MORNING

ok...everything settle...dh xde yang tertinggalkan...
so, need to go to sleep early tonite...
ok...gud nite everyone...