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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MAC Story...

On the 29th Dec 2010... me and my boo celebrating our 5th annvsry...He bought me a set of MAC 88 pallets matte color, a set of 12 MAC brushes and iset of hair bumpit....cooolll rite...thanx baby booo...i love u sooo damn much....he knows my interest...

MAC 88 pallets matte color

12pcs MAC brushes

1set of hair bumpits...

arrrhhh...looking gorgeous everyday....hehehe..poyos...

tapi standardlah kan klo jadi pompan ni, xpernah yg cukup klo nk nampak 'kewanitaan'....banyak duet kne spends...and rite now i really freakin out to dammnnn get this set on day...

MAC 88pallet shimmer color.....
why i falling in love dgn set ni plak??
sbb sume color kat cni similar with URBAN DECAYYYYYYYYY...

1. Polyester Bride – Urban Decay
9. Scratch / Scandal – Urban Decay
10. Half Baked – Urban Decay
11. Vapor – Urban Decay
13. Eldorado – Urban Decay
14. Green Goddess – Urban Decay
15. Shattered – Urban Decay
19. Purple Haze – Urban Decay, Grifter – Urban Decay
21. Maui Wowie – Urban Decay
22. Uzi – Urban Decay
25. Acid Rain – Urban Decay
28. Speed – Urban Decay
32. YDK – Urban Decay, Chopper – Urban Decay
33. Strip – Urban Decay
35. Honey – Urban Decay
36. URB – Urban Decay
39. Flash – Urban Decay
44. S&M – Urban Decay
45. Sin – Urban Decay, Kitten – Stila
46. Baked – Urban Decay
47. Vert – Urban Decay
48. Flipside – Urban Decay
49. Mary Jane – Urban Decay
50. Peace – Urban Decay
51. Grifter – Urban Decay
52. Fishnet – Urban Decay
54. Roach – Urban Decay
56. Blunt – Urban Decay
59. Protest / Mildew – Urban Decay
61. Cobalt Blue / R Rated Duo – NARS
63. Last Call – Urban Decay
65. Toasted – Urban Decay, Smog – Urban Decay
70. Absinthe / Graffiti – Urban Decay
71. Tropic – NARS
72. Ransom
74. Last Call – Urban Decay
77. Twice Baked – Urban Decay
86. Gash – Urban Decay
88. Oil Slick / Zero – Urban Decay

bukannyer senang nk dptkan urban decay kt malaysia ni, mahal plak tu satu color...
tapi MAC sayangkan i.......dats y die buat set ni with affordable price...
sayang ko MAC...
tunggguuuuuu...i will own u one dayyyy.....


  1. bapak bestnye...sume wane ade...ko kompem melara sakan ngan mekap ni kan...hehe

  2. conpem!! tapi sayang nak gne slalu...
    mahal beb...lg pon kerol yg bagi, lg sayang aku nk gne...hahaha...insyaallah xlame lg aku tunang, xdelh mak andam fening2 nk make up aku, sume dh ade...xpyh pggl mak andam pon xpe, sume make up dh complete...tapi aku nk bli gak shimmer pallet tu sbb aku teruja dgn URBAN DECAY make up yg xde jual kt malaysia ni...urban decay rmai artis hollywood pkai dats y effect nampak cantek...huhuhu...slow2...sabar anne sabar...kumpul duet lagiiii!!!! chaiyok!!!! huhu!