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Monday, July 11, 2011

14-days Oat Detox Diet: DAY 2, 3 & 4

aaannddd today is day 4th of the Oat Detox dieting day.....what happen to me right now?? am i still steady with my detox program?? YUP!! still feeling goooooddddd and healthy....xdelah terseksa sgt diet ni~ xseksa sbb xde kes2 kejam seperti kne berlapo~~~ xpernah skipped my meal...cuma yang kejam & terseksanya time nak telan oat jew~~ i mean PLAIN NON SUGAR OAT.... xde letak pape...oat mmg sedap klo kite add fruits or other stuff, tp biler on this detox program plain oat tu adelah satu PENYEKSAAN YG TERAMAATT!!!

So, here is my menu on DAY 2, (Saturday):

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl of plain oat with a glass of plain water

LUNCH: 1 bowl of yong taufu and with a glass plain water

DINNER: 1 bowl of plain oat agaiinnnn~~~ disebabkan tekak dh kembang,
cover blek dgn minum soy milk

ACTIVITIES: x p gym pon...sehari suntuk dok rumah tapi buat keje rumah dengan tahap semaksimum yang boleh...petang2 pegi skipping (80x lompat je larat)...

DAY 3, (Sunday):

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl of plain oat and a glass soy milk...
LUNCH: 1 plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice (steamed chicken) with lots of salad, tomatoes & cucumbers...nasi 1 senduk sikit sahaje....daging ayam kukus tu makan lebih skit sbb nak ganti blek protein dlm badan~
DINNER: makan tauhu bakar share 3org, and makan Hainanese Chic.Rice tu lagi dgn kuantiti yg sikit sebab esok ari nk puase sunat & kira bersahurlah~

ACTIVITIES: temankan my boyfriend's aunty p shopping~ i pon p cari baju raya~ni adelah workout yang fun!!!

DAY 4, (Monday):

** Today i'm fasting!!! yeayy!!!! i fasting ade bbrape reasons..sebab nak puase sunat, sebab nk puase ganti, sebab xtahu menu nk breakfast & lunch ape, klo dh susah sgt xtahu nk makan ape, puase jew terus...coz sure2 time buka kang, buka plain oat... YEAYYYY!!! (**pura2 hepi dgn plain oat~)..for activities arini, blek keje kang bt weight lifting...buat bisep and boyfriend dengan baek atinyer lend me his weight lifting eqmnts coz he wants me to burn the Jell-o under arms...humm...and i akn buat gak Kim Kardashian punyer 'Home Exercise Circuit' (squating, jumping, etc..) plus with skipping....tu pon dh cukup sementara nak tunggu azan buka puase~

Good news! Yesterday i naik scale selepas seminggu xnaek scale dah, yup!! from 64.5kg... and now dh turun kepada kan?? xyah nak starving2 macam org giler!! payah nak seksa tahan makan!!! just seksa makan oat jew ari2!! hehehehehe!!!... Alrite, we can see the improvement on this type of diet.... the best part of this, mase shopping baju raya yesterday, I DAH BOLEH PAKAI KEBAYA NYONYA FIT WITHOUT MUFFINS TERKELUARR!!! HAHAHAHA! i am so happy walawpun kebaya tu saiz M and i can wear pario which actually klo ade muffin besar tali pario susah nak sampai...happy but not satisfied yetlah....banyak lagi usaha kne buat tuk dapatkan berat yang ideal~~

Well, wait until 14days of this program abes, kite tgk ape jadi....from 70kg and now 63.9kg in 1month 1week~ slow2 lah~xpe~

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