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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yup! i know~ it's been about 3month i xblogging... sebab:

1) too buzy with plenty of Architectural project recently...

2) too many activities & event to joined and no time for blogging..

3) too much spending time working (day: Asst. Architect, nite: private home tutor, weekend: baking for some orders or hit to the gym)

4) too buzy layan hubby booboo... he deserve tons of attentions from me.. (as usually i am soo pentingkan org len dlu dr dri sendri)

5) too buzy organizing my life

6) too buzy handling my family ( all my brothers will sambung blajar after graduatg from their hi-skool, so i had to arrange their Poli's or Uni's things)

7) too buzy preparing for niaga at bazaar ramadhan..with hubby...

8) too buzy on watching what i ate, calories controls, cardios n weight lifting at gym and train to dicipline myself... still trying to get a better & healthy lifestyle~... (still workout to get 6pax on my tummy...ergh! sounds funny kan? but seriously i totally mean it! )

9) too tired for blogging aftr my 24/7 hours packed with plans!!

10) too lazy for uploading new pic in blogger coz lembap mcm BABI snail! so, prefer upload kt FB jew~

** but dont worry...biler mode blogging tuh dh tibe balik, penuh blek ar blogger ni dgn new post every week! huhuhu...


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