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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For u guys info, my plateau still xbreak lagi...scale still maintain same kilos wlwpn dh mcm2 i buat...sumpah stress up rs!!! mcm nk give up pon ade....dah hampir give up gak ar baru2 ni, tp di ats sokongan2 pihak tertentu, i stand up blek & berusaha lagi!!!! struggle till de end!!

Ape perlu buat selain dr p gym???? my trainer kate klo nk break plateau dgn cara extreme, u can try masuk fitness class...




PILATES (for flexibility, stretchen & toning)


YOGA CLASS (mind peace, toning up & flexibility)

Then, i discover satu fitness studio yg dekat ngan uma...

tempat die memang totally AWESOME!!!!!

and i decided to register dorgnyer fitness class pas raya...sume class dorang ade... fees ok ar!! gym pon ade kt citu...tetibe i jadi excited plak... tapi pas raye baru start class sbb skg ni ngah re-schedule blek my buzy daily schedule tuk selitkan bende alah ni coz 4jenis class yg berlainan workout yg di adekan ari2, so how am i gonna plan my daily??.... hummmhh....

Gosh! seriously cant wait to start de classes!!! Beriya2 sgt nk masuk coz nk challenge more my fitness level selain dr workout kt gym & outdoor jew ari2....Tapi gym & outdoor activities still on lagi...xleyh tggal...

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