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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cook for Loveee~

Here's some sample of Super Spicy Aglio Olio that i cooked for my mom pagi td~ die ade jamuan sikit kat opis die and she asked me to cook some pasta... Blur gak nak masakkan pasta ape yg bleyh sesuai dgn tekak org kt opis my mom tuh~ kite pon xtahu tekak & selera org veteran mcm mne...So i decided to masak Aglio Olio yg super spicy sbb org2 kt opis tu suke makan pedas2~ klo xpedas dorg xslera.... HA! HAMBEK KO! i mmg buat kaw2 punyer pedas! cili padi sampai 7batang!! Seyes sumpah i makan pon brpeluh2 & merah bibir~ tgk my mom try makan relex jew~ huhhhh~~~ i mmg XKUAT PEDAS!!!

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