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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 2: Oatmeal Diet

Disebabkan day 2 i terpakse outstation, i trpakse panggil aritu adelah Cheat Day! xtermasuk dlm day 2 oat diet lah....nak tahu cheat day semalam i makan ape??? sepanjang outstation ke Bangi (menyettlekan keje) i kne join makan brsame2 manusia2 normal (all my clients & consultants) yang len...xkan nak tolak plak klo dh makan reramai macam tuh...malu plak.....nak xnak, join jew lah sbb nak jage ati dorg... (padehal dorg xtahu i dh makin mengembang)


Breakfast: 1 bungkus Nasi lemak (small size) 350kcal + 1 bj begedil 240kcal + 1 bj karipap keledek 230kcal + 1 cawan teh o kosong 0kcal

Mid Breakfast: NONE

Lunch: NONE (terpakse skip meal sbb busy site visiting)

Tea time: 1 pinggan bihun goreng 300kcal + 1 bj telur goreng 90kcal + 1bj pau kacang merah 65kcal + 1 tin soy milk 72kcal

Dinner: 1 bj roti bun ikan bilis 68kcal + 1 glass plain water 0kcal

Total input: 1410kcal (kepale hotak die!!!! banyak s**l!!!)

Just p site study kat MPOB...ber'aircond' jew...then drive p blek JB & Bangi....mmg xbyk lgsg ar calories output...hampeh!

Total output: 500kcal ( ni mmg bina lemak dlm bdn nih!!!)

Thats y i've told u guys, semalam mmg CHEAT DAY!! mmg melampaulah!! my body dont need dat much of calories!! So lets start back today as the second day of oat diet....

Day 2...


Breakfast: 1 mug of rolled oat + soy milk 140kcal

Mid Breakfast: i glass soy milk 30kcal

Lunch: 1 mug K flakes + soy milk 100kcal

Tea time: 1 small piece of salted eggyolk mooncake 80kcal

Dinner: Dinner set (Tuna with tomato sauce + brocolli boiled + mashed pumpkin + butterhead salad + ulam kacang botor) 350kcal + plain water 0kcal + 1 bj green apple 70kcal

Total input: 770kcal (cool! right on track!)

TABATA 4mins + skipping 30mins + keje rumah + lightweight 20mins

Total output: 2000kcal

Just pushing & struggling myself back on track mission skg ni~~

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