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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3: Oatmeal Diet

Dah sampai ari ke3 dah oat diet ni...dah start gak sembelit aq ni...hehehhe...oat dienyer effect mmg mcm tu pon...susah nak buang air sbb die fiber & complex carbo...Thats y i kne make sure sehari i minum byk air so dat senang nak flush out...tapi kekdgn kne sembelit gak...Dont forget, air pon main method of burning fat easily....Today menu's plan are:

Day 3...


Breakfast: 1 mug of rolled oat + soy milk 140kcal

Mid Breakfast: NONE

Lunch: 1 mug K flakes + soy milk 100kcal ( dh 2ari lunch bende ni, tu ar..malas lagi nak bagun pagi prepare tapaw...bler bleyh start blek routine bgn awal2 pagi tuk tapaw lunch..still searching de strength)

Tea time: 2bars Energy Bar 190kcal

Dinner: Dinner set (3pc sausage + butterhead salad + boiled brocolli + 3spoon bakedbean + 1bj white boiled egg) 300kcal + plain water 0kcal + 1 bj green apple 70kcal

Total input: 800kcal (not bad..)


Day : Normal actvt: 1500++kcal

Night: Workout at gym 2hours ++ (cardio + weight lifting)

Total output: 2000++kcal
*yup...dats wat i want everyday...BALANCE~

SHOCKING NEWS!! i dont know betol or x, my mom nk ikot i p gym bler die free nnti!!! wow! sgt entah jadi ke x tu...xsure lg...huhuhuhu

NEXT SHOCKING NEWS!! my hubby dapat job chef kat 5star hotel near Danga Bay!!! OMG!!!! im soooo proud of u sayang~~~ buat keje elok2...bagi naek pangkat lg! i tahu u hebat kt kitchen!!! u sgt sexy bler i tgk skill u kt kitchen!! haha~ love you~

Thats all...proceeding tomorrow... 1MALAYSIA DAY!!! YEAY!!! PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!1 my target is to hit gym tomorrow morning...night still p gak...just nk rase cmne feel p gym pepagi~ hehehe~ yang pasal oat diet ni, hope dpt continue until 2weeks...

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