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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Biler Dah Kemarok Dgn Bakery & Confectionery

Disebabkan my mom ari2 bising dalam fridge die penuh dgn mcm2 jenis dessert yang xtahu sape nak makan, die terase sangat gampang n pissed off dgn ke'obses'an i buat bakery & confectionery ni~

Akhirnyer die mencampak i masuk ke kelas TARTS, ECLAIR, GANACHE & TIRAMISU under KFCH on this weekend....My mom support all de fees... YEEEEAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! bahagianyer diri ini!!! tq mummy!!!!

I akn di ajar tuk buat :

Assorted Tarts: Egg tarts, fruit tarts, creamcheese blueberry tarts etc....

ECLAIRS: whipped cream, creamcheese & chocolate....

TIRAMISU: Japanese Tofu tiramisu & French Original Tiramisu

GANACHE : sweet cherry ganache~~

Rase bersyukur biler dalam dri ni dh timba mcm2 ilmu bakery & confectionery...

Rase2lah, boleyh x one day nnti i brjaye bukak my dessert cafe tu???
Insyaallah~~ i will try my best to make it happen~~

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