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Friday, October 28, 2011

More of my fitness progress??

My best gym buddy 'The Trademill'...

Dear buddy,
i've been spending almost 1years running on you....
the progress of my fitness getting excellent becoz of you....
but today, i'd only mampu lari 45mins & burns 300kcal...
sorry for dissapointing you...
next time i will try harder to achieve my target by running 30mins with burn 300kcal...
It's maybe hard for me, but i know you will always burn my spirit everytime u accompany me~
thanx buddy!

Long story short:

Current Weight 31/10/11 : 58.4kg

Stamina & energy level: High

Metabolisme: high

Calories burned per shot : 950kcal ( 3hours at gym)
** hours doesnt matter to me~

Waistline size for jeans: 30cm
** xpernah pkai size bawah 32cm in my whole life!!

Trademill highest speed level achievement: 10.0 (45mins)

For weight lifting, i'm only focusing on HEAVYYYY weight more light weight...becoz my trainer told me to do so.... i've already get my bicep muscle popping out but my tricep still wobbly.... need more time & effort to get hard solid tricep~

Now, i also can do 45degress sit ups 40x pershot non abs getting less wobbly than before...but still got long way to go to hve solid pax abs...

*Push more Diane!! More!!! lagi 10kg bags of fats jew to remove before the deadline arrive..
1ST JANUARY 2012!!!


  1. dear . i gila obses na workout tapi kt tempat i problem ramai lelaki so i agak segan na workout . seriously susah sgt na cari perempuan yg workout skg ni . so bila i jumpa u perghhh i jd admire pula ngn u . ehh ajar i bg i tips semangt semua bole ?? HEE

  2. sume tips ade dlm blog nih..klo u rajin follow, u tawu lah tips ape i gne~ huhuhu~