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Monday, October 3, 2011


lawak & bangang biler pikir blek~~
kne re-start blek my diet oatmeal yg xjadi sepanjang bulan raye arituh~
pham2 jewlah sepanjang bulan syawal banyak open house...
tekak pon tengah berselera....
but still controlling my weight...
gym pon jarang pegi bulan lepas sbb bz dgn keje & open house...
letih & malas sket nk exercise..
dari 63kg (semggu after raye) turun kepada 60.8kg menjelang akhir Syawal (akhir Sept arituh)..
So today already 3rd October and have started my gym schedule dari Sabtu (1st Oct) aritu...
3rd Oct ni plak nak restart blek my 14 days Oatmeal diet macam dlu~ harap2 kali ni berjaye sampai ke 14ari... and today im fasting...ajar nafsu makan ni supaye control2 sket...
susah tahap dewa lah nak start control nafsu makan blek pas raye, tp i kne igt blek yang i dah half way to go~~ xkan nk give up tengah jalan plak! mne bleyh!
iye2!! i tgh struggle my soul & body to get back on track!!!
grhhh!! sgt marah dgn nafsu tekak kuat makan!!

According to my current weight 60.8kg, my :
BMR : 1303 kcal
DCR : 2020 kcal ( exercise 3-5x per week)
mDCR : 1520 kcal (energy i need per day)

Cam biaselah:

** warning: oatmeal diet ni is for temporary....jangan lebih dari 14hari...sbb diet ni xseimbang...tujuannyer just untuk flush & detoxifying your body in the safe way~

DAY 1:


Sahur: 1 small bowl of Yong Taufu (200kcal)
2 glass of soy milk (60kcal)

Buka: 1 small bowl of Oatmeal plain Yogurt (230kcal)
1 glass soy milk (60kcal)

Supper: 1 green apple (36kcal)

Total: 586kcal (sikit and xpatut...isyk2...sbb arini mls nk exercise)


outdoor working for today, grocery shopping 1hour and no heavy exercise...

total: 180kcal burn!

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