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Thursday, December 29, 2011




Breakfast: Half footlong Subway Melt Premium...(350kcal++)
Morning Snack: 1 Red Bean Bun.. (150kcal++)

Lunch: Nasi & Lauk2 Melayu mcm biase.. (400kcal ++)
TeaBreak: 2pc of EggVanilla Waffle (180kcal++)
B4 & After Workout: Protein Shake (400kcal++)

Dinner: Half footlong Subway Club Premium.. (300kcal++)
Midnite Snack: Nasi Briyani Bukhari 2plates (600kcal++)

Total calories intake??? errr??? kire sendiri~


Jogging, Run & Sprint on trademill: 39min burns 311kcal

Elliptical: 25mins burns 307kcal

ABTT Workout:
(Abs, Buns, Thighs & Triceps)

1) Jogging, Run & Sprint on trademill: 18min burns 200kcal
2) Elliptical: 30mins 400kcal
3) Sit ups 45deg bench: 100reps 3sets
4) Legs Raise for Abs: 20reps 5sets
5) Bench Dip: 10reps 3sets
6) Cycling: 25mins 250kcal
7) Leg Press: 20reps 6sets
and more of weight lift workouts...
*malas nk listdown sbb byk sgt....

So, all total was about 1000kcal per shot 1nite workout...

Next Morning (29/12/2011)

Lose weight until 56.9kg...
See? i've told u guys dat i eat & workout totally hard....
but it doesnt mean semua calories intake i tadi dh terbakar totally sume...still ade separuh lagi yg xdpt dibakar and plus trmasuk calories2 yg berbuku2 lame tersimpan dlm bdn nih~~~

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