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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweat is SEXY!!

These two models in this photos wasn't fit & muscled as u guys expected yet..
They're on their process of building muscles & get more tone figure...
 Hardworks & Disciplines are highly recommanded!!!
But these two models are in intermediate level...
Do not try to copy them if u guys are in the beginner level~

Some of light workout required for those girls who wants to lose weight & get lean muscles:

BENCH PRESS (for sexy butts, thighs & legs)

TRICEP CURLS (for sexy & fit underarms, reduce batwing underarms)

ABS CRUNCHES (for 'chocolate' profile abs...yumyum! sexy!)

BICEP CURLS (for muscular upper arms)  

 (for more stronger  back & shoulder, burns more butt fats, strenghten thighs & calves) 

(fit & strong underarms)

For girls who wants to hit the weight lifting, remember not to lift too heavy weight coz it will causes u girls more bulky muscles instead of lean muscles...(except for those girls yang mmg nak muscle bulky2 lah)...

But for guys: The heavier u guys can lift & do plenty of  reps, u guys are sooo totally damn sexy muscular guys!! Go for the heaviest weight yang u guys mampu angkat...tgk takat mane kejantanan korang...huhuhu~~

Thats all gym lesson for today...
pasni ktorg xmo ambek gambo lagi...
seeegaaaannnn ambek gambo time workout...mcm org jakon....
xpasal2 org igt ktorg budak baru & mentah kat gym...hahahha~
tapi sbb nak ajar u guys punyer pasal, ktorg tebalkan muka gak ambek bbrape gambar curi2...huhuhu...
Happy Workout Guys & Girls!
Proud of u!!

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