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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Fitness Progress ( 2 Jan 2012 )

Warming up: Trademill (Jog, Run & Sprint)
46mins, 334kcal burns, max speed 11....

More Cardio Workouts:

Elliptical: 35mins, 414kcal burns

Cycling: 20mins, 202kcal burns

(*dah start malas nak taip dahhhh~~)

3) Sit ups 45deg bench: 100reps 3sets
4) Legs Raise for Abs: 20reps 5sets
5) Bench Dip: 10reps 3sets
6) Leg Press: 20reps 6sets
Glutes Press, Squats, Lunges, etc....
and more of weight lift workouts...
*kan dah malas nak listdown dah..hahahhahaha..

Yang penting, kali ni i dpt burn 1000++kcal per shot 3-4hours at gym...
(Jangan tiru macam i yerk adek2 sekalian....I xgalakkan u guys catch me if u rs xfit lagi...)

**Ingat! klo badan berat lagi, jangan force lagi utk bebrape bulan pertama sebab takut ade side effect nnti

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