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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prawn/ Shrimp + Vitamin C = Deadly?

 I was shocked to hear this kind of news!!

When u eat your meal (maybe for your dinner) contains a lots of  



Then after that, u take a lots of





** A story from another Blogger:

I just got this post from my friend’s mailing list about a woman died in Manado, Indonesia poisoned by eating prawn soon after taken Vitamin C tablet. The blood comes out from the nose, ears, and mouth of this poor woman.
This woman has a habit consuming Vitamin C every day, it is alright, no problem with that. Eating prawn is alright too, it’s good for your body, very high in protein.
The problem was she ate prawns after taken Vitamin C tablet at the night she died.

Prawns/ Shrimps contain Arsenic Pentoxide (As2O5), and when mixed with Vitamin C, there will be a chemical reaction in the stomach and transforming Arsenic Pentoxide (As2O5) into Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3), which is very poisonous and caused her death from multi-system organ failure.
This is honestly the first time I heard about prawns and Vitamin C poisoning, it’s better to check with your health practitioner.
updated: I myself have eaten lots of prawns and lobsters with orange juice. I am bloody fine.  I believe it’s not because of the prawns but the arsenic found in the river where the prawns caught. The rivers in South East Asia countris usually poisonus, many factories throw their wastes in the rivers.

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