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Friday, January 13, 2012


(special edition)

Ni Mei Mei or Ah Mei...She's only 4-5years old & her weight is only 20-21kg...She's FIT & ACTIVE!!! She's love to exercise...Her dad rajin bawak die hit the gym & be her personal coach... She's totally AWESOMEEEEE~~~ Witness with my very own eyes, these was her workout circuit:

1) Walking & Little Jog on the Trademill
2) Striding the Elliptical
3) Doing 30deg bench crunches
4) Try to play with the jump rope
5) Working her arms with the dumbells
6) Doing pull ups with support of her dad (DEMN IT!! even i xboleyh buat pull ups lagi!)
7) Riding the bicycle
8) Working her abs with Leg Raise
9) Working her back & shoulder using some of weight machines...

OMGiiimmm..... I was AMAZED of her!! she's sooooo coolll~~
I thought anak2 i nanti akan jadi bebudak pertama i akan train kat gym ni, dah ade dulu dah ni...but it's okay...yang ni Chinese, the Malay one u guys will see the awesomeness from my kids (one day) hitting the gym hard...sebab me & my hubby pon memang gym freak...teruklah my kids kne train dengan both of us one day nanti...huhuhu...Yang penting my kids nnti FIT!! Jangan jadi  macam mommy & daddy u guys ni, Ex Obese~ huhuuhu~

Like I told yesterday, Health & Fitness kne start dari kecik lagi...seboleh2nyer biar dari parent die sendiri~~

p/s: Sorry sir, i curi2 ambek gambar daughter u....but i was totally impress dengan die...baru kali ni dapat snapshot her moves.... SALUTE!!


  1. hai diane...wahh terror btol dt lil jek join bc blog u nih..salute gak u punye regime workout..newayz u peg gym mane eyh?

  2. i slalu on kat EZGYM Johor Jaya sebab dekat dengan rumah i...klo dekat dgn rumah u, boleyh lah u datang sne & we can workout together..huhuhu..tapi jangan felt shocked if i workout xbanyak cakap sbb im a type of person sgt focus ape yg i buat..xpndg kiri kanan..huhu~ and i buat dulu tanpa bagi byk alasan...huhu~ if u dont mind, jomlah workout same2~ ;)

  3. BestnyeRr!! mmg xdpt le nk peg since keje jauh..i pon tgh dlm proses nk lose far on track tp slow la compare dgn u..mmg hardcore abih u punyer 'program diet' hehe..i br nk try join gym gak nk try weight kn just nk tanye u punye opinion la.gym yg i nk peg ni mostly mmg lelaki la..'bodybulider' tu semua..mcm rase segan nk peg coz bdn still besar then ladies mmg boley dikire..(hehe saje nk srh u motivate :p)..i nk try ikot u punyer routine yg u post lah tpt i peg xde personal trainer...huhu..susah utk beginner mcm i nih... :D..:D

  4. i nasihatkan u, xperlu main weight lifting is u r a beginner for gym..u main dumbell or barbell sahaja..sbb i xsarankan beginner pompan main weight lifting, takut kne gelak dgn org keliling nanti..huhu...u fitkan bdn dlu dengan cardio & light weight regiment...weight lifting tu dh kira heavy weight regiment..xperlu utk level u...upgradekn fitness level u dlu...i pun xde personal trainer dear tp i jenis sempoi & rajin bertanye...muke xmalu..haha..i start menapak kat gym pun dlu sorg2 mcm budak bodoh gak rase skrg, gym buddy i semua lelaki..i jugak dikategorikan pompan paling hardcore kt gym tu..sbb pompan2 yg lain dtg xleyh buat ape yg i buat...nak capai bende2 tu semua kne ade progress slow2 die..upgradekan fitness level u dlu ok? slow2~