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Saturday, March 24, 2012


       Di sebabkan i dah pulih & back on-track now, i decided untuk start my training tuk sahut Fitness Model Challenge...Pada entrie yang lepas kan i ade cakap i just ade 3month jew tuk training for this challenge...
       Seriously i cakap kat u guys ni 2nd challenge yang sangat buat i cuak kalo xboleyh hit my target...My first challenge dlu yang pasal my weight lost journey tu lah...syukur alhamdullillah, just ambek mase 10bulan jew tuk i lose dari 75kg kpd 52kg, kira i dh stoplah, i xmo turunkn lagi sbb i takut nampak skinny sgt, ni pon ramai dh tegur i dh skinny...hehehhe...sbb i bulan ni i p gym 3x jew yang pasal kes putus cinta aritu...Putus cinta ea?? hahaha..xleyh blah statement tu...
      So, i pon dh start on balik malam tadi, i'm back on my regiment...huh...sakit nok nk start blek biler dh bbrape minggu tinggalkan gym...and here are my regiment malam belom masuk training day tuk persiapan challenge i tu taw, ni just warming up jew dlu...bagi enjin badan panas blek, bagi ati koyak rabak ni kental balik..

Jumaat, 23/3/2012 (8.30pm - 10.30pm)

Warming up Session (10mins only) :
1) Fast Jumprope (100rep)
2) Reptile Burpees (20rep)
3) Kettlebell/ Elastic Band Squat (20rep)
** repeat seberape banyak yang boleyh until 10mins

Cardio/ Strength Workout:
1) Jumping Jacks (30rep)
2) Push ups (5rep)
3) High Knee (25rep)
4) Burpees (7rep)
5) 45deg Bench Crunches (10rep)
6) Squats (7rep)
7) Push ups (5rep)
8) 45deg Bench Crunches (10rep)
9) Squats (7rep)
10) Push ups (5rep)
11) Squats (7rep)
12) Jumping Jacks (30rep)
13) Wall Sit (1min)
14) Push ups (5rep)
15) High Knees (25rep)
** repeat 3round...

16) Chest Weightlift (5kg sidebyside) - 10rep, 3sets
17) Glutes Reverse Curl (50lb) - 15rep, 3sets
18) Chest Press Machine (25lb) - 10rep, 3sets
19) Leg Curl(30lb) - 10rep, 3sets
20) Bench Press - 10rep, 3sets
21) Lat Pushdown(25lb)  - 15rep, 3sets
22) Plank - 30sec, 3sets
23) Side Plank - 30sec, 3sets
24) 45deg Bench Side Crunches - 10rep, 3sets
25) Tricep Curl - 15rep, 3sets
26) Dumbell Bent Over Row - 15rep, 3sets
27) Tricep Reverse Curl - 10rep, 3sets
28) Chins up - 5 rep, 3sets
29) Pulls up - 5rep, 3sets
30) Twist -  1mins

Cooling down:
Hula Hoop 20mins


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