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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Pagi ni i dapat satu great news from my followers..Pagi2 i dah tersenyum lega biler baca message dari one of my followers ni....

  • hi diane..
    just nk share story dgn u skit...
    today, i bru jew start my routine kt gym
    bru nk knal2 alat kt gym sume.. 
    seriously, i mmg xnyesal lgsg sign up at gym(apart from fees yg mahalt)..
    then, after i dh finish my workout kt gym, i ada jumpa one girl ni kt locker room.. we exchanged story ckit2 la pasal healthy lifestyle ni..
    u know what? when i mentioned yg i ada follow satu blog psal fitness ni, dye pn tanya la i blog apa i follow..
    then i mentioned la ur blog, it happens that dye pn baca blog yg sama!!!!
    sgt2 terkjut, as one thing that we both shared are related to your blog and now i can say u mmg famous all over malaysia la diane!! hihi..
    i just nk wish congrats on ur hardwork, sampai org boleh recognize u di seluruh malaysia...
    keep up the good work, darl!

    Thank u soooo much Atikah for sharing this great news....I akan cube sebaik yang mungkin untuk menyediakan info2 fitness terutama untuk kaum2 wanita diluar sana.... I pon still learning, so forgive me if blog ni kekurangan info2 yang u all sume perlukan...Just wish me the best of luck to get a 'small' fitness platform dalam Malaysia ni...Xperlu besar2 pon xpe, janji ade tapak dalam fitness world ni...

    Keep on supporting DIANE SERA!!!
    LUV U ALL~~

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