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Monday, April 16, 2012

Diane's Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

Disebabkan dah lame sangat I rase I xupdate blog ni (kesuntukkan mase), I wanna share with u guys about my favourite superfoods yang I kerap ambek in my daily life!!!

1. Oats ( of course lah Diane's favourite super food!!)
2. Grapefruit
3. Black beans
4. Avacados
5. Salmon or ape2 jew ikan...RED SNAPPERS & IKAN CARU IS MY FAVOURITE!!
6. Berries.. yummy~~
7. Green Apple (wajib ade dalam fridge i)
8. Egg White (ari2 i telan bende ni~~)
9. Kale / Kailan
10. Lentils / Dhal
11. Goji Berries jugak..
12. Buckwheat
13. Almond Butter (nanti i bagi resepi Homemade Almond Butter yang i slalu buat kt umah)
14. Pomegranates / Buah delima
15. Chillies
16. Greek / Pure Yogurt
17. Quinoa
18. Sardines
19. Low-Fat Cheese (Parmesan, goat cheese, etc)
20. Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Canola Oil
21. Tomatoes
22. Green Tea
23. Spinach
24. Walnut & Almond
25. Garlic
26. Flax seed
27. Dark Chocolates
28. Beans
29. Sweet Potato
30. Complex Carbs (Wholegrain bread, pasta, bread or brown rice)


  1. Dear Diane,

    Saya sekarang tengah cuba untuk mengurangkan berat badan dalam 10kg lagi..

    Perlukan advice.. (Jika tak keberatan)
    Please visit me :

  2. babe... i try to comment on yr blog tapi biler kuar bende tu i xleyh nak continue comment...xsempat nk comment dh hilang..huhuhu...i pon xtawu bnde ape tu...

  3. Diane, kat mana bley beli flaxseed tu?

  4. i beli kat organic shop babe...xpon u try cari kat mne2 hypermarket yg ade organic food section..mybe ade...