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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last nite I buat lowerbody workout...tapi kali ni I upgrade level & types of my regiments lagi...bagi lemak2 tepu yang degil tahap GABAN ni BLAST lagi!!! And kali ni I akan list downkan lowerbody workout yang I buat tuk beberapa minggu ni... Ni Advance level, kalo untuk Beginner boleyh buat mane2 yang senang pada u guys...

Exercise 1: Fast Walk (20-25mins High Gradient)

Exercise 2: Explosive Jump Squats (15reps, 3sets)

Exercise 3: Goblet Squats (15reps, 3sets) 

Exercise 4: Single Leg Deadlift (15reps, 3sets)

Exercise 5: One Leg Squats (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 6: Step Up Jumps (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 7: Elliptical (15mins, Fat Burn program)


Exercise 8: Glutes Machine (10reps, 6sets)

Exercise 9: Lying Double Leg Rised (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 10: Single Leg Bridge Ups (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 11: Stability Ball Bridges (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 12: Leg Squats on Leg Press Machine (10reps, 3sets, 20kg side by side)


Exercise 13: Lunges with Step (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 14: Walking Lunges (10steps, 4sets)

 Exercise 15: Single Leg Lateral Squats with Ball
 (10reps, 3sets)

Exercise 16: Wall Squats with Dumbell + Ball (10reps, 3sets)


Exercise 17: Hamstring Machine (10reps, 3sets, 5-10kg)
Exercise 18: Calf Rises on Step (15reps, 3sets)

 DONE !!

Nampak banyak ea?? Hehehe~ Alaa...Ni level I, u guys buatlah ikot kemampuan masing2...
Diane ni payah sikit, kalo workout macam orang kne sampok, xhengat dunia...kalo sikit memang xpuas...
Jangan pakse diri, ikot level fitness masing2...


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