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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fitness Model Challenge Progress

 HAHHH!!!! FINALLY!! Ade gak mase i nak mem'belog' ging....asyek xsempat jew sebab keje banyak sekarang & followers kat FB pon makin bertambah...Tu yang xsempat nak update belog ari2...kene pulak sebok dengan training, abes keje trus shoot p training....So, nak tawu progress training i??? Everything going  smooth but makin lame makin HARDCORE SEYY!!! tinggal lagi 2bulan jew dateline i tapi i xrase body i lean lagi....WAAARGGHHH!! STRESSSS!!! MANGKOK BETOLLAH LEMAK2 DEGIL NI!! Awatlah susah sangat nak lean~

Ok, daripada i buang mase meluahkan perasaan yang xberape penting ni, i nak note down my figure shape measurement ...


Wed, 4/4/12 - Underarms (29cm)
                        - Upper Abs (75cm)
                        - Waist (68cm)
                        - Lower Abs (82cm)
                        - Hips (88cm)
                        - Bottom (92cm)
                        - Thigh (54cm)
                        - Calves (37cm)
                        - Wrist (14cm)
Weight: 51.9 kg
Fat Mass Percentage : 24.44 %

And here are some of my photos sepanjang seminggu training~~

Training cable-cross dengan gigihnyew tuk back workout~

pic kiri: u all perasan x ade line kat abs i?? thats my upper abs line...upperabs muscle agak mengembang sekarang kalo nak compare dlu..and the line still xclear & xripped sebab fat percentage i still banyak lagi..

pic kanan: rear view...glutes, thigh, hamstring & ets...glutes i hampir pejal but xmantap lagi...

Pada hari2 yang seterusnyew:

tengok tricep i, still belom lean but i'm quite happy sebab boleyh nampak bayang2 'cutting' biler i flex!!
banyak lagi kne burn fats under arms...
sangatlah payah~

ni rupe muka Diane biler dah lose weight banyak..bam2 pipi dah hilang, tinggal sharp edges jaw jew..huhu..

 adeyh! bende yang paling i segan, ambek gambar kat tempat workout time orang ramai~

 pic kiri: ni rear view of mine...glutes, thighs & etc fit sikit tapi still need more work to do lah...tapi perasan x muscles calves i dah mula nampak?? yup, very happy sebab maybe fat kat calves makin brkurangan, tu yang muscles senang nak timbul..

pic kanan: front view...yup...banyak lagi flabby2 area kne repair...haisyhh...

 side view

And lastly, posing sebelom balek workout!!!
tamat sudah seminggu workout hardcore i dengan jayanyew!!!!
tapi lepas ni makin teruk & makin susah i kne training....contest tu on this July...
boleyh kew budak EX-OBESITY ni transform jadi RIPPED & LEAN macam fitness model??
aduhhh, dengar title fitness model pon i dah rase macam poyos sangat diri ni....
huhuhu....think positive DIANE!!!
at least u dah struggle & sacrifies & throw your efforts all out!!!!
dah, jangan pikir sangat Diane...
just concentrate on your training...tinggal dua bulan lebih jew lagi..

p/s: Baru i perasan sume baju training i kaler itam...huhuhu...bukan sebab nak sembunyikan lemak or nk nampak kurus yew adik2, tapi sebab black tu elegant for me...warna penaik semangat 'kejantanan' i...
Chet!! Kejantanan katenyew...mane ade, i still lady2 just my favourite colour....dan lagi satu, jangan complain kalo kualiti gambar xbest sebab MEMANG PON!! hahahahha~ hp i ni dah tibe mase nak kne campak dalam lubang jamban! hihi~



  1. yeahh!sure boleh jadik lagi mantap!tak saba nak tungu triceps tu berderai uolss!love ya!

  2. best tranform and details...

  3. hi kak diane. first of all, i found you out from kevin zahari's website and you are among those who have lost weight that really inspire me. i'm a male, 22 year old, am a medicine student, and i weigh 92kg. my weight has make me the subject of ridicule of my peers and lecturers and it seriously pisses me off. as far as i can remember, i was obese from my early teen and up till now. i tried dieting numerous time but it is so hard to stick to it. going for a jog each day is even a battle for me. if its not too much for you, could you do an entry about how to stick to your diet and what is your diet while you are in the process of losing weight? maybe you have written one so maybe you can link it here perhaps? i'm sorry i'm really really really am desperate to lose weight.

  4. i'll try to find times to do my timeline of the whole losing weight programs last years,ok?
    Quite buzy lately...but i will try...

  5. much appreciated kak.. thanks a lot ;')