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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Halamak!! Boobies Makin Shrinking!!!

'Haisyh u all ladies ni taw.... I baru ngah nak feeling2 'alonetime' in my 'room', then got knocked on my door banyak kali mengenai soklan:


Hehehehe...Takkan lah i nak biarkan my ladies crying pulak kat luar tu tengok boobs dorang mengecut... OKlah... i kuar jap dari 'alone bedroom' i tu... Xsampai ati biarkan u all nanges....Chill...Xmo nanges2, memang normal klo u lose weight then boobies u shrinking....Mostly female akan melalui situasi ni (even i pon melaluinya) tapi jangan gabrah lah... relex k? it's normal... I try to explain lah mane i tawu...ilmu i xbanyak lagi tapi i cuba lah share dengan u ladies ape patut buat....

Seperti mana u all tawu, boobies kita memang mostly covered by fats tissues...semua orang tawu...kalo u losing weight & your bodyfat percentage drop more than 25%, memang confirm breast u akan shrink (kecuali those ladies yang keturunan die memang ade genetic boobs besar2 & susah nak kecut) sebab lemak2 kat area situ pon effect sekali dalam proses losing fat ni....

Cuba study this picture betol...tengok mane fats area kat boobies kita...

Adekah bende shrinking2 ni dikatakan good news or bad news???

Long story short: 
Bad news: YUP, xleyh nak dinafikan memang teramat HUDUH lah klo female xde boobies....sebab tu diantara aset2 kewanitaan yang wajib ade...tapi kita xleyh lari dari masalah ni if we losing our weight...

Good news: tak tawulah kalo u ladies perasan or x yang chest korang makin lift up, mantap & xde lemak2 geleber terkeluar dari bra u...sebab breast u getting more 'pejal', kurang kendur and 'terletak'...cume size jew lah yang buat xpuas ati...size xjadi masalah yang penting symetry figure u all makin fit & menarik!! even kalo nak workout pun dah xsegan2 sebab dulu gocang2 yang teramat dasyat kan?? sekarang dah kurang kan???

Yes, I pham, maybe some of u akan mengalami breast yang kendur & kecut pas lose weight berkilo2...tu semua disebabkan beberapa faktor... ok, let me share you with some of info yang i study from the internet...

Breast Reduction Caused By Weight Loss

Breasts are mainly made up of adipose or fat tissue so when you begin to lose weight this is one of the first places you will likely begin to notice the weight loss. You cannot change the effect that weight loss will have on your breasts, but you can fix the problems associated with breast reduction with a supportive bra or with a more permanent solution--breast surgery.

Women tend to lose breast fat very easily, which means your breast size will likely shrink as you lose weight. This is why when woman who lose weight may notice that their breast size goes down long before any other part of their body. Breast reduction can help reduce neck and back pain, skin irritations that can be caused from bra straps and even some breathing problems.

Diets for Breast Reduction

A sensible diet and daily exercise are the best routes to breast reduction. Crash diets can cause damage to all parts of your body including your breasts. Because your breasts are made of mainly fat tissue, losing it all quickly instead of gradually will leave nothing left of your breasts but skin and glandular tissue, making them look droopy like a tennis ball in a sock.


The idea that exercise will reduce the size of your breasts and keep them from being saggy is wrapped in myths. Unfortunately, exercise will not reduce the size of your breasts or keep them from becoming saggy. The advantage of exercising while you are losing weight is to keep you healthy and tone your muscles. Losing weight and your age are the biggest causes of saggy breasts.

Supportive Bras

A supportive bra will make your breasts look firm without undergoing major surgery. Bras can help lift your breasts or add padding to increase the size. To find a bra that fits correctly after weight loss, the best solution is to visit a store that will do a personal fit for your size and shape.


Surgery is another option to fix breasts that are saggy or too small after weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery will make your breasts larger, but will not raise the nipple or breast. Breast lift surgery will lift saggy breasts and make them firm without increasing the size. Both surgeries can be done at the same time if you need both an augmentation and a lift. To find out what would be the best solution for you the best step is to schedule a consultation with a surgeon.

How to Lose Weight Without Shrinking the Breasts

Step 1

Change your diet to one that consists mostly of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Round out your way of eating with lean proteins, low-fat dairy and the occasional indulgence recommends the American Heart Association. Focus on making good food choices most of the time instead of on being a perfect eater.

Step 2

Add cardiovascular exercise to your weekly routine. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of intense physical activity per week to promote fat loss, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Wear a supportive bra to prevent the ligaments that support your breasts from stretching as your breasts move. This helps keep them looking lifted and firm.

Step 3

Strengthen the muscles of the chest wall to give the illusion of larger breasts. Do bench press exercises, push-ups, incline presses and other weight training exercises to increase the size of your pectoral muscles which will, in turn, expand your chest.

Step 4

Lose weight at a slow and steady pace. Loosing weight too fast doesn't give the skin time to shrink back and causes your breasts to look deflated and droopy. Lose no more than 2 pounds per week, according to

Step 5

Skip commercial breast enhancement creams or pills that promise to help you maintain a full bust line recommends Philip S.Chua, M.D. of the CEBU Cardiovascular Center. Chua points out that breast enhancing supplements and creams haven't been proven clinically effective and may contain dangerous side-effects.


And here's some forum yang i nak u ladies baca suggestions or opinion dorang....

Jadi u all dapat tangkap xape masalahnyew???
Ape yang i boleh bagi kesimpulan, lagi banyak and cepat korang lose weight and lagi banyak bodyfat percentage korang turun, lagi senanglah boobies tu nak shrink skali....kt xleyh nak target nak burn lemak mane & xmo burn lemak mane.... fat cant be spotted ok??  so my suggestion just banyak2 buat chest & breast workout... nak i share i punyew breast workout?? ok...cuba amalkan... ari2 dalam jangka masa yang lama...kalo nak effect cepat, p lah beli enlargement cream kew, breast pump kew or pape jewlah yg ade kat pasaran sane....huhuhu...careful with the side effect... i xrecommandkan u all guna product2 tapi klo u all xleyh tahan tengok 'bukit' kecik tu, buatlah ape yg korang boleyh..huhu...As for me, i just depends on vitamin C, collegen & losyen, just to lift up & decrease the kulit2 kendur or selulit yang tertinggal...

1) Crossed Leg Push ups
2) Straight Leg Push ups
3) Shoulder Curls

4) Arm Curls
5) Straight Arm Chest Press
6) Cross Chest Press
7) Arm Pull Ups
8) Palm Squeeze Individual Side By Side
9) Palm Squeeze Together Infront

Ni some of breast exercise regiment yang i slalu recommand and yang i slalu buat... kesannyew nampak dalam masa beberapa minggu kalo u all buat consistant... boobies more lift up...tapi klo nak tanyew camne nak besarkan size cup tu, i no comments sebab soklan tu ibarat u all tanyew i mcm mane nak tambah lemak kat boobies tanpa tambah lemak kt tempat lain...huhuhu... even i pon have know idea how to tambah lemak kat breast sendri melainkan i gemokkan balik badan i, baru dapat balik cup besar2 i tu...hehe...but, no lah...xrelalah nak gemok balik dengan sengaja..tunggu i preggy nnti mesti gemok blek...huhuhu...

harap2 ilmu yang xseberapa ni dapat membantu sikitlah dilema u ladies semua.... im just sharing my experience & knowledge, mane i tawu, i share...ok?? xmo sedih2...badan dah lawa dah tu, jangan focus sgt kat boobies tu, maintain ade jew...jgn sampai flat terus sudah..huhuhu...

back to my 'being alone bedroom'

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