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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebound ?? Karma ??


Look GENTLEMENS OUT THERE, dont see me as a DESPERATE GIRL WHO REALLY2 NEEDS A GUY TO ACCOMPANY MY LIFE!! GET IT?? dont force me to be rude... please dont asked that "are u single & available, girl??" stupid question anymore....if u want to be my friends, i'll treat u like my friends...but if u want to be my man, just forget about it! i'm not in the effort of  looking a replacement for now, not because i'm stupid or couldn't move on but because I'M BEING AWARE!!!! I'M TIRED TO LOVE OR TO BE LOVE RIGHT NOW!!! I'M NOT DESPERATE OR NEEDY EITHER.. i'm not picking up guys randomly (main tangkap muat asalkan ade boyfriend)  to replace the void & emptiness in my heart coz i dont want him to be my REBOUND PARTNER~~
Yes, yet i do believe in rebound relationship WILL NEVER WORK!! wouldn't long lasting...why??? because KARMA WILL HIT U AFTER YOU DUMPED SOMEONES THAT U LOVE BEFORE THIS!! I dah terkena and i jalani dengan redha... i admit i was wrong in my past relationship..but now i'm happy coz one day this karma will jump on to the person that makes a woman suffer & cry EVERYDAY, MONTH BY MONTH until her tears dries out... Hey, i'm not using a new guy just to force my heart to heal up & try to love him...NO, thats ridiculous!! heart will never heal if u cari boyfriend/girlfriend tangkap muat.... 

"Flirt and date, but don't rebound. What's the difference, you ask? When you flirt and date, you open yourself up to new people and to the possibility of love. When you rebound, you immerse yourself immediately into a new relationship that isn't exactly right in an attempt (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) to distract yourself from your pain and in the same time forcing yourself to accept your partner eventhough she/he couldn't brighten up your life...You can't lie or force your heart to accept rebound partner when you dont even barely know your feeling either fake or true loving her/him...It's all about where is your heart right now, not your brain that controls your heart...Maybe you can dumped your previous partner & find a replacement in the blink of your eyes, but remember one thing....that the one you dumped & if she/he still loved you, your heart is still in her/his hands... No matter how hard you try to force yourself to accept your new partner, one day you will realize it's all just a big juicy mistake that you barely regret in your life..Than karma will hit your life... "
Professor X
Love Psychologist, University Of XXX..

I'm letting my heart HEALS FIRST & try not to commit in any of relationship temporary... I lalui jugak karma i ni dengan tabah & regret dengan ape i pernah buat kat orang tu his happy with his lovely wife and i'm happy to see his happiness...hope one day this karma yang i lalui, expired & cepat2lah transfer kat orang yang berkenaan...I do believe, one day God will send me a guy who love me good or bad i am....Nobody's perfect & no one have the power to punish those yang pernah buat mistakes....

Huhuhuhu... cara crite macam sedih jeww... no lah... i'd already adapt with this feelings beberapa bulan ni...dah xde ape dah yang perlu i sedih or nanges....nanges??? nk nanges ape lagi kalo air mate dah kering kontang 7 keturunan mahsuri??? wasted lah nanges tuk bende2 ni...better nanges time berdoa & mintak ampun kat tuhan...hummm, i'm not saying i ni bagus sangat or baik sangat, just feel more better & stronger than before tuk ngadap bende2 ni semua...I'm starting a new better life after this...Pray for my happiness, friends...

Syukur Alhamdullillah to Allah for changing me into a nice young lady back again... I promise You I will never be notty or being proud of what i have now & in the future... Tq for bringing me back my smile after plenty of tears i've wasted before... Amin...~~ =)


  1. Hi Dianne. Love reading ur blog. Good job on what u have done. May ur life happy after this. Btw, Im also trying to get fit right now. Mkn x jaga, dah gemok baru nak tersedar. hahhaha... Keep writing Dianne. Always love to read it.

  2. hey dear...thanx for supporting my blog...sorrylah, lately fitness progress i pun tunggang terbalik...hahaha... i trgelincir dari track i sendri...but i'm still working to back on track here, darl... just wish me luck in my life after this...hoping after this my life would be better so that i can focus on my fitness so that bleyh share dgn u all... apologize to u all sbb lately xbyk fitness info i crite...just need u all punyew support so that i can raise & stand strong semula... =D