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Friday, June 22, 2012


U can EAT what ever u want, as long as u know how to burn all the calories back!!!
Dont preserve your bodyfat!!


  1. hi sis.
    sy nk tanye cmne nk atasi lpar terutamanya lps snacking time.cth maknan during snack time almond 12+1 lps tu msti rs lapar mcm craving g2.n then mesti overeat fruit. :(

  2. make sure sehari u makan 7-8time... small potion... 3main meal & 4snacks... dont skip meals.. apa yg u snack, make sure it's healthy...lebihkan snack buah2 & sayur2...and take more fibre too... then, try to avoid makan ketika rase boring...banyakkan minum air kosong if u rase asyek lapar wlwpn dh makan 7-8x (maybe sbb u active in sports..).. xsalah klo makan lebih sikit if u active, klo u xactive, try to avoid yr calories intake...