A confident woman. She knows what she wants and gets it. She is aware of her flaws, but she doesn’t obsess over them and instead thinks that maybe (just maybe) they actually add to her unique beauty. She is passionate. She loves life. She is comfortable in her own skin and owns her sexuality, but uses it purely for good. She does not see other women as her enemy and competes only with herself to do her best at all times and to be her best at all times. She is forthright, honest, disarmingly herself and tries to be no one else. She is having fun and she is sexy and you just want to be around her to soak up some of those good vibes. She isn’t perfect, but she doesn’t care because she is hot. And so are you.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm leaving on the jetplane... huhu...
Taking off... Bye2 Malaysia....
Pray for my safety & wish me the best of luck there~
More exciting stories to feed u guys next !!
Tunggu i blek Malaysia semula k...
Gonna miss u all...
Chaw2! Adiyos amigos!



  1. Dear Diane,
    Happy sgt2 ni.. coz last 2/3 weeks I cant read ur blog... only invited frenz jer kott... dh mcm nk meroyan lak i nyer addicted to ur blog ni.. Sib baik dh bg every1 to read... BTQ tqvm.. and all d best fo u k..

  2. owh...sorry babe...aritu i geram sebab ade problem sikit...but dont worry...pasni i dlm usaha tuk menyiapkan my official website...lagi more focus on fitness ni just my diary, keep on supporting me dear!!