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Friday, July 20, 2012


Arini ni ari terakhir untuk u all semua men'cekik' xhengat dunia...hahaha...termasuk i lah...
Dah 3minggu i buat bodymassing after i ditegur oleh some of my friends yang i looked too skinny & xsihat disebabkan strict diet & workout... so, they advice me to do massing sikit then baru cutting blek sepanjang ramadhan ni... yup, from 52kg now my weight is about 57kg... dlm masa 3minggu i menikmati 'massing & off-session', sekelip mata jew dah bertambah 5kg.... dasyatttt~~~ nak lose weight punyew lah susah, tapi nak add weight sekelip mata....

(Last desserts yang dapat i nikmati semalam di Genting Highland... Waaaa!!! bye2 my babies~~)

Nak xnak, start aje bulan puasa ni, i kne buat body cutting semula.... preparation untuk jadi m/c acara seminar ZK di Ipoh xlama lagi and i'm challenging myself to be one of  the models in I-Sihat & Dara Magazine...Humm... I know i can get what i want !!!


Sekali lagi, salam ramadhan & selamat menunaikan ibadah berpuasa ~~
sayang kamu semuaaa~~
Diane Sera

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