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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I Lift Heavy and Why You Ladies Should Too!

A 2007 study from The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine concluded
that strength training is an efficacious intervention for preventing percentage body fat increases and attenuating intraabdominal fat increases in overweight and obese premenopausal women.(3)

Ape yang nak disampaikan adelah STRENGTH TRAINING adalah cara yang terbai untuk mengubah komposisi tubuh badan kita sebagai wanita...Dan perlu I ingatkan yang paling di utamakan adalah komposisi tabuh bukan berat badan klo u ladies nak achieve sexy figure curvy shape...

Seriously lah I bagitawu dengan u ladies... if u all train dengan I, I xberapa utamakan weight loss sebab Im more focusing on body composition & figure shape....X kisahlah berat u all berapa pun tapi klo figure u all curvy & menggiurkan, xjadi masalah pun... For me, Im targeting for curvy body composition & solid hard lean muscles... What i am looking for is a change in body composition and relative adiposity (bodyfat percentage)...

Pernah ada sorang 'perempuan' ni mempertikaikan hal ni


Humm... Firstly I nak ucapkan tahniah kat dia sebab die berani menyuara pendapat dia yg tak berilmu itu di depan I.... Bila I explain mengikut ilmu2 angkat berat yang I belajar dari buku, internet & kursus yang I ambek tapi pompuan tu still menegakkan jugak pendapat die....HALAMAKKK... serve yourself lah dear...
xkuase mak nak layan, noks...

Lifting heavy can be painfully boring or it can be one of the coolest parts of your day. There is something strangely satisfying about getting something heavier than you over your head.
Now, you might not be able to do that right away, but if you’re a couch potato or desk jockey, you’ll see serious gains seriously fast when you start strength training. What should a good training program look like?
  • Short – you don’t need to spend hours in a gym. Once you warm up, 7-10 minutes is plenty.

  • High Intensity – Since you’re only workout out for a short period of time, push with everything you’ve got! This kind of intensity has superior hormonal benefits. (4) ‘High intensity’ is higher intensity than you think. I’d like to see you, at the end of a 7 minute workout, lying in a puddle of your own sweat, waiting on death to take you home, than for you to have anything left to give at the end.

  • Compound/Functional Movements – These are movements thatimitate life. Surprise! Surprise! Our bodies evolved to produce thegreatest physiologic adaptations in response to loaded movements that are useful in day to day activities! (5)
So what does a “compound” or “functional” movement look like? Well, how do you get off the toilet? Think about it. It looks an awful lot like a squat to me. Trying to get a 90 lb. cooler full of ice and beer into the back of a lifted pickup truck looks an awful lot like a power clean, and helping your friend move his behemoth, dinosaur of a TV looks a lot like a deadlift.

Like Real Life, But Heavier

The movements that evoke the greatest hormonal benefit mirror real life. The leg press machine, hip adductor, seated curl machine, and the rest of the lot at Gold’s Gym are artificial crap designed to fit into the big box gym business plan of “get as many people in the doors and spend absolutely no time with them.”
Never, in real life, will your muscles be asked to move in an externally controlled, linear motion. Real movement involves balance, and your workout should too!
A lot of the movements in weight lifting can be super fun, but if you’re not careful you can hurt yourself. I don’t suggest jumping into power cleans, squats, and snatches if you’ve never been a weight lifter before. If you’ve got the money, join a CrossFit Gym, or find a weightlifting trainer to teach you the correct movements and help you avoid injury. If you don’t have that kind of cash,YouTube has some great tutorials.
p/s: So~~~~  Nape perlu takut untuk angkat berat????
I dont care people called me IRON LADY or CIK BESI, bagi I tu semua pembakar semangat....buat ape nak segan ??? biar guys tengok yang we're ladies bukan takat boleh dukung anak or angkat bakul baju saje....

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