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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

today..i am so hepi...

eventhgh my keyboard a bit xbetol...i still nak type jugak belog mlm ni.

-sedang on9 di dlm bilik..

-hepi xterkate sbb frm today i can on9 sbrpe lame n anytime that i want to...and i pay it, xyah susah n bebankan parent..

-tgh bt keje company..i ari2 rushing buat keje..ari2 keje nak rush..penat tapi hepi keje kat cni...keje cni everyday somethg new..keje dgn company cina mmg seronok coz dieorg rajin explore n our client always craving new n modern ideas from us..kdg2 dpt cr pengalaman n ideas from company more on id but we still do architecture..dats y they slalu bg keje archy kt i coz dats my field..and i always upgrade my archy, id and landscape huh..

-wlwpn tgh menulis belog n bt design, kepale sambil menyambil ajar my bro yg ade exam ni..cyan die..huhuhu...i dh lepas my year of, NO EXAM FOR ME...i hate exam fyi..

-last but not least, sambil tulis belog n on9 fb, smbil bt design, sambil ajar adik, keje rumah still on...tgh basuh baju brtimbun2..esok p keje nk pkai baju ape ek..keje kt cni kne jage penampilan..pkai baju lawa2 skit ari2 coz takut ade presentation or jmpe client tanpa kt duga..klo pkai comot, sendri malu ar nk jmpe client...tapi i dh less 'tepek' make up kt muka coz takut muka jahanam pkai make up ari2..

-i'm doing my freelance also...right now tgh designkan muslimah boutique..a bit rush..kne catch up dgn keje company i lagi..

-plus, at the month of may, i will do a part time job as a supervisor n accountant for my aunty boutique..huhhh...hectic life skrg ni...terkejar2...semuanye kerana nk kejar duit so dat i can upgrade my susah kne survive kat jb's not that easy..
my quote 'money is not about everything, but everything is about money'

-okay, dats all i can story bout my life yg brlaku skrg..nothing much lah..bler bkk fb, mmber sume mcm hvg fun kt overseas n watsoever..maybe i xbrape brpeluang tuk rs mcm tu sbb org susah...but my life quite hepi rigth now coz dpt support my femly n ringankn beban femly...

p/s; aimi, how u jage muka u wlwpn ari2 u 'tepek' make up huh..xrosak ker muka tu...kagumlh..


  1. nye opis u... at least u have tonnes of working experience compare to me.. suke i tgk kawan2 i smua da go their separate way..ade yg keje.. ade yg smbung.. its good news to know..

    postkan lagi blog2 anda.. boleh saye kt sini nk bace... :)

    all the best anne.. n gudluck in your work!

  2. i pun suke tgk all our frens getting good in their life right now..but sometimes felt jealous tgk korg brpeluang smbg blajar overseas..huhuhu..but my life now is totally fun lah..xdelh bored sgt..
    jgn riso, i dh leh on9 ari kt bilik ni, so myb my blog will become the next blog after fatin shaza,shima n ninie yg rajin update tu...myb b my diary..

    p/s; study smart dear.. miss u n the others too..gud luck to u too tau..muax..rjn2lh comment my blog..huhuhu..