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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

14-days Oat Detox Diet: DAY 5

Today is the 5th day of my detox program....and i'm suffering from bad stomach constipation atau nama len nyer SEMBELIT!!!!! bad... i've should drink at least 8glass water per day...tapi pemalas nk minum air kan?? ni lah symptomnyerrr~ dh tahu banyak makan oat, xreti2 nk minum air byk!!

Here is my Day 5 menu:

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl oat, add a spoon of Milo for flavor...coz tekak kembang asyek makan plain oat ari2...

LUNCH: 5 slice of papaya...yup!! coz i kne sembelit skg ni~ tu jer cara nk lawas dgn tenang dlm toilet nnti~ 1 green apple and 1 big box of soy milk!

DINNER: 1/2 ekor large ikan bawal steamed with thai sauce, lemon slices and pinneaple cubes...remember, no rice or bread!!! just gatah ikan saje...for drinks just plain water...

** before going to sleep i minum 1 large bottle of Bliss yogurt drink for comfy tummy~~ love my tummy~ yeay~

ACTIVITIES: NO GYM!! why? sbb my NIKE sportshoe hilang!!! xmo pkai kasut len! xbesh!! jadi terpakselah skipping & weight lifting kat uma...tengoklah dumbell yg boyfriend i pinjamkan.....

sikit jew kan beban die?? nampak ringan kan?? tapi trylah dlu~ tgklah brtape seksanyer nk khatamkan 3 diff size beban dlm satu dumbell..xterangkat! before this i p gym i dh men mende alah ni, so i can do the 2nd size (forgot the kg..) easily for 3sets repeatly... klo for beginners di galakkan men 1 jew the lightes one...buatlh 3sets...1 sets repeat 10x...seksa gak nk passkan 3sets tu...

Humm...skipping xleyh tinggalkn...WAJIB!! pengajaran ari ke 5 adalah bykkn minum air~ klo x kne sembelit~~ dan sportshoe jgn letak sepah2!!! confirm lupe letak mne pastu...nk gne blek dh susah dh..dh xdpt p gym!! grhh!

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