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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Yup, believe it or not, mine is the 1st one...the hourglass~ sangat susah nak maintain woo!!... klo rajin p gym baru nampak my hourglass bodyshape... bahu sama lebar dgn hips, mane kala kat pinggang sgt curvy lekok ke klo xjage & xbeing fit, jadi pear shape jew lahhh~~~

Sedang berangan jap nak bodyshape macam si Kim nih~
hehehe... segannyer nak cakap~ hehehe~

tu pon klo berat badan dah 50kg or 51kg lah...
tapi still xkan puasnyer...tetap nk lose some kg's lagi...
around 48kg till 45kg..
sure jadi camni!!

yezza~ diane~ rajin2 ler p gym bt weight lifting ngan cardio yer~
jgn berangan jew lebih~
sabo2...ngah berusahalah nihhh~~

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