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Thursday, July 14, 2011

14-days Oat Detox Diet: DAY 7

Today is my Day 7 detoxifying~ this morning rasa sangat bertenage!! mampu bangun subuh dgn senang! badan rase fresh & cukup rehat...sempat tapaw lunch, gosok baju keje & packed bag gym i dgn teratur... wanna know why? coz last evening i'd hit the gym for 2hours...dlm 2hours tu i betol2 godak abes my fitness level... it's not about the quantity but it's about the quality~ maksudnyer brape lame pon kt stay kt gym w/o doing quality workout, xguna jugak.... so i do spend those 2hours making sure my workout activities sgt berquality & menusuk sampai ke otot2...biler kt dpt capai level tu, we will feel the different of our body on the next morning...tapi actually pas mandi blek dari gym pon dh rase differences die...bukan diff. rase makin kurus, no! tapi rase energetic & fresh! TRY IT!

Malam td, blek jew dari gym terus kebulur cari makan... dalan menu plan sepatutnyer nk makan oat ngan cinnamon powder jew tapi xleyh jadi ni! Lapo die tahap dewa! sebab i dh 6ari ambik menu kalori rendah kne plak bako sume kalori yg tggl, pergh! mmg gigil lah blek gym! terus masak baked bean + 2 sausage + 1 sunny side up egg and with a glass of HL milk...makan dgn berselera yang teramat! pas makan barulah stable balik my body system...malam td tido awal sket around 10.30pm...letak jew kpale ats bantal terus swushh!! hilang dr dunia reality...celik2 mate dh azan subuh~ bangun dgn perasaan yg happy, refreshing & xsakit kpale~ giler best sey perasaan & condition badan mcm tuh~

So today, whats my Day 7 Detox menu?? Here they are:

BREAKFAST: 1 glass plain oat + HL choc milk

LUNCH: boiled sausage, tempeh, prawnball, & sotongball + salads (butterhead salad, tomato, italian herbs, black pepper & lemon juice dressing) + thai chilli sauce

DINNER: maybe plain oats... for drinks just 2 glass plain water..( terpakse makan oats sebab malam ni ade ade keje tuition tutor & balik midnite, xsempat nk masak)

ACTIVITIES: GYM LAH!! kan dh janji tuk marathon gym 5 ari turut2 nih...sbb bdn ni dh ngade2 sgt jarang p gym...kne trained balik tuk rajin p gym mcm awal tahun arituh...seminggu 5x..plg sket pon smggu 3x...

Humm...biler org2 len baca my menu for detox ni, sume cakap xsihat & xbalanced...err?? korang silap kot~ sebab ni just menu tuk 14 days detoxifying program jew...14 ari jew kt trained bdn tuk terima makanan yg oil-free...after 14 days tgk lah mcm mne... either i nk buat Weight Watcher or n bt Master Cleanse plak...tgk ikot kesesuaian keadaan badan~ and for u guys info, i buat plan ni sume refering my doc, my fitness trainer & fitness experts online~ i rujuk dorang...dont worry... setiap org ade cara die sendri how to get healthy lifestyle...i buat program ni bukan sebab nk kuruskan badan jew, tp nk try to avoid or disencourage myself with oily & santan2 local Malaysian dish...bukan nak kate i xambek bende tu sume, i still ambik tp dgn portion kurang dr half lah~ just tuk hilang kan rasa craving tu~

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