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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ingat x arituh yg i cakap i SUUUUUKKKEEERRR sgt dgn Reebok Easytone??? Sbb ni lah:

How does the Reebok EasyTone work?

The sole of this sneaker is designed with built-in balance pods, inspired by the balance ball equipment you see at the gym. By creating an imperceptible level of micro-instability, right in your sole, the EasyTone causes the muscles in your calves, hamstrings, and glutes to react in order to maintain balance. Simultaneously, the softness of the pods causes the lower body to react in a way that is comparable to walking on sand.

Does the EasyTone feel weird to walk in?

You'll notice a difference between EasyTone and your regular sneakers when you first lace them up. A few steps later and you'll fall in love with the soft yet springy sole and the flexible, meshy material of the upper shoe. Despite the element of micro-instability that makes these shoes work, Reebok has confirmed that the shoe does not cause stress to the ankle when you walk.

Muscle activation compared to average shoe

How does the Reebok EasyTone compare to the average sneaker?

Testing shows that the EasyTone provides 28% more muscle activation in the glutes and 11% more muscle activation in the hamstrings and calves over the average performance shoe.

Can wearing the sneaker provide visible effects on the body, without exercise?

The EasyTone is a walking shoe, and as Bill McInnis says, "it's part of a complete breakfast." The EasyTone was designed with an eye on errands and daily activities, but can be taken to the gym as a secret weapon for your workout. Just keep in mind the EasyTone is not a running shoe, although Reebok is currently designing one. Take the10,000 steps per day endorsed by the Surgeon General, and you'll be glad you wore your EasyTones. (For a fun stocking stuffer, pick up a pedometer!)

What kind of research was done to confirm that the EasyTone works?

The percentages shown above, portraying muscle activation over the average performance shoe, are the result of Electromyography (EMG) testing on University of Delaware test subjects. Test subjects alternated between the average foam shoe and the EasyTone to compare muscle activity. "The results are better than anything Reebok could have expected," says McInnis. "I believe this is a moment we will look back on in years to come as the creation of a whole new technical category for toning footwear that not only looks good on but makes you look good too."

The design and testing process:

  • 27 men and women at Reebok and 30 in Asia worked for a year and a half on this shoe.
  • Focus groups were conducted early in the process
  • 3 rounds of testing between the shoe's prototype and its final design
  • 15,000 hours of wear-testing
  • Questionaires collected from test wearers halfway through the study and repeated at the end, to gain the testers' evaluation of the shoe's fit, comfort, and cushioning
  • The shoe itself was examined halfway through the study and at the end of the study.

"The shoes were sent out to non-Reebok people, to have them live and work in the shoe for 300 hours at a time," McInnis says, adding that the final shoe's test wearers reported "zero complaints."

The Kardashian sisters relax in their EasyTones

What is EMG Testing?

EMG testing is used "to record the electrical activity of muscles. When muscles are active, they produce an electrical current. This current is usually proportional to the level of the muscle's activity."

Does Reebok make EasyTone for men?

Currently, EasyTone is only available for women, however like the running shoe, a men's sneaker is planned for the future.

  • Receive extra toning benefit by simply walking
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Comparably priced when pricing athletic shoes
  • Product is for toning and not a complete diet and exercise plan for weight loss
  • Results are likely to vary

Because EasyTone shoes are simply a product to aid in toning, there is no diet or nutrition information involved with the product. The shoes are used to tone the lower body, but no recommendations are made in reference to eating or calorie counting.


EasyTone shoes are used as an enhancement to your daily activities or current walking workout. To receive the full toning benefit of the shoes, you must walk around in them. These shoes basically allow you to tone more while perhaps walking your dog, or just walking around running errands.

There is no additional exercise plan included with these shoes. You simply use them to carry out your regular activities. For those looking to lose large amounts of weight, it may be important to incorporate some additional exercise activities into your daily routine.

** Reebok Easytone selesa n cute tuk di pkai ari2!!!!!! I SGT SGT SGT SUKERRR!!!!! SEBAB NAMPAK SELESA GILER!!!! so for those who already bought or used Reebok Easytone before, pleaasseeeee tell me ur experiences while wearing it!!! I JUST GOT TO HAVE ONE!!! *fainting overexcited*

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