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Monday, July 18, 2011

14-days Oat Detox Diet: DAY 9 & 10

Long story short~ my Day 10 menu:

BREAKFAST: - (*trbgn lambat*)

LUNCH: 2 sets of simple delicious sandwich + plain water

*ingredients: wholemeal bread + boiled chic. breast + boiled hard egg + tomatoes + butterhead salad + boiled crab stick + thai chili sauce*

ni sume ape yg ade dlm fridge i kt umah tu... just tossed into my pot, boiled them & put in the sandwich...simple & time!

DINNER: 1 bowl yong taufu + plain water

SUPPER: 1 slice honeydew

ACTIVITIES: Evening (hit gym 1hour + outdoor jog 1hour)
Night: (light weight lifting before out to pasar borong + avoid using trolie ms kat pasar borong..bwk gne tgn...giler penuh tgn!! bt bicep & tricep abes!!)

Day 9:
BREAKFAST: 8pc small wheat crackers + 1 glass green tea

LUNCH: 2 sets simple sandwich + plain water

TEA BREAK: 1 sunkist orange..

DINNER: 1 plate western dinner i think?? entahlah..xtahu nk pggl ape...buat gne ape yg ade kt dapur tu jew

( butterhead salad + sausage + crab stick + tomatoes + boiled chic. breast + mash potatoes + lemon juice & herbs dressing)

ACTIVITIES: Gym1 hour + weight lifting 30min + tabata 20min + skipping 80x

ni lunch tapaw arituh...di sebabkan dh jarang ambk carbs dgn quantity yg berpatutan, so i bt dish just fill with plenty of protein...actually kan, byk ambek protein ni lagi best & selesa dr ambek byk carbs...

(boiled tempe, sausage, prawn ball & squid ball + salad + lemon dressing + thai chili sauce)

**need to buy SOY PROTEIN MILK from Cosway next month!!!
to replace my carbs~

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