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Monday, July 18, 2011


Today i'm stoppin my oat detox program coz i dh get used to my 'boiled dish' everyday...oat pon dh jadi routine in my life dh xpayah pggl body & tekak pon dh selesa dgn boiled, steamed & grilled food...dh xbape 'passionate' dgn frying food... u can see for yourself menu 10 ari program detox nih, no oily or buttery food...even sebulan sebelum start program ni pon i dh cuba adaptkan dlm daily life i...mula2 tu xslera & mengeluhlah bler kne ngadap boiled food, steamed & grilled... lame2 ok ar tuh...tekak dh xngade2 dh...

Okay, di sebabkan arinih dh xdi namakan Oat detox program lagi, just wanna share wit u guys my menu for today:

BREAKFAST: 1 bowl oat with starfruits cubes + 1 glass detox tea

MID BRKFST & LUNCH: 1 biji fuji apple + plain water


*sorry xdpt ambek gambo real sbb terlupe nk ambek pas masak tu...tapi rupenyer mcm ni lah~

TEA BREAK: 2 pc small currypuff + detox tea
*teringin nk mkn currypuff sbb craving sgt~

DINNER: 1 pc grilled fish fillet with nyonyas style sauce + salad + detox tea

SUPPER: 2pc dragon fruit + plain water

ACTIVITIES: Home workout (tabata 20mins + skipping 20mins + weight lifting 20mins)

my target for this end of month is to get 63kilos... and kt akn starts bln puase next month!!
so kne rombak semula my jadual in losing weight program nih....gym tetap kne p wlwpn puase tapi ade caranyer~~heee~


  1. u ade masa plak nk prepare lunch u tu?? O.O

  2. kne adeknlh ms...lepas smbyg subuh kan bleh prepare...huhuhu..jemur kain baju pon sempat...hehehe~