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Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Diet for Quick Weight Loss Diets

Many people resort to quick weight loss diets due to a whole lot of reasons. It could be because of the prompt need to fit into a dress for a very important occasion; it could be because of the need to improve physical appearance; or to achieve better health.

Fortunately, there are lots of quick weight loss diets that are being put forward into the market. A lot of people have achieved weight loss by putting the diets into practice, but with no more than proper handling and moderation. Such abusive practice of quick weight loss diets can eventually lead to detrimental health risks. It is best to implement such diets with proper knowledge, advice from health professionals, and moderation.

Here are 5 of the most well-known quick weight loss diets in the market:

South Beach Diet

This type of quick weight loss diet actually restricts carbohydrates on the menu, especially sugar-rich carbs. However, the diet plan does allow good carbohydrate but also with proper moderation. On the first two weeks of the dieters, certain food groups are required to be abstained on the diet, such as cereals, brad, potatoes, pasta, rice, and some fruits and veggies such as corns and carrots. After two weeks of abstinence from these food groups, moderation (or continual abstinence) is still necessary. Lessening your sugar level by eating foods with less sugar can make your food cravings subside, since high sugar levels of the body creates food cravings.

Weight Watchers Diet

This quick weight loss diet encourages dieters to eat “power foods” such as whole grains, fruits and veggies (with low on no-starch content), lean meats, and low-fat dairy products. Foods with high nutrient contents with no too much calories are included in this diet. Such foods can actually make you feel full without gaining too much calories. Moreover, this type of diet plan actually includes a counting system.

Subway Diet

This type of diet is actually a fast food diet. The basis of this quick weight loss diet is the food brand Subway. Subway’s pre-prepared foods were considered as a more healthy option of a to-go food. Their takeaway food (usually sandwiches) were considered fit for a low-calorie diet.

Shake and Meal Replacement Diet

This type of quick weight loss diet actually works with special diet shakes replacing the first two meals of the day (breakfast and lunch) followed by a reasonable dinner. This is a calorie-restricted diet so it is best that a dieter should choose more nutritious foods during dinner.

NutriSystem Diet

This quick weight loss diet is considered as a healthy diet. It is low in sodium and bad fats. Moreover, dieters can enjoy a wide selection of foods that fit the diet. There are certain prepared meals that are referred to the diet containing low-fat and high-fibers, along with restrained amount of lean meat to appease food cravings.

Opting from these healthy quick weight loss diets can help you achieve a desired weight, body structure, and ideal health. But always bear in mind that moderation and proper performance of the diets are vital. Staying positive and having an optimistic approach can help you achieve these quick weight loss diets.

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