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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beyonce Diet Secrets That Made Her Lose 20 Pounds In 10 Days

Aside from being such a wonderful singer and graceful dancer, many people admire Beyonce because of her incredibly sexy body. Many women are wondering how Beyonce was able to maintain such perfect figure. “Well, she’s a star! She can surely afford those highly expensive make-over…” you might think, but wait until we reveal to you her secret diet plans that allows her to lose over 20 pounds in just 10 days.

Actually, it’s not easy to be a super star. Just like many other Hollywood celebrities and models, Beyonce also have to take care of her figure. While other personalities are spending hundreds of thousand dollars just to keep their image competitive, she rather do this through one of the simplest form of diet plan called “The Master Cleanse Diet” or what we commonly know as the maple syrup diet.

Maple syrup diet is consisting of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water that were combined together to form a perfect diet plan. This diet plan was originally developed in 1976 by a world-renown health expert, Stanley Burroughs. Maple syrup diet is just one of several alternative health practices that Burroughs had authored and promoted. Burroughs created this program as a cleansing formula to remove and prevent the accumulation of toxins out of our body.

However, those people who had undergone Maple Syrup Diet noticed how the removal of toxins affects their weight. Parallel to the process of cleansing our body, this program can also dramatically reduce body weight. The logic of this is so simple; toxins slow down our metabolism as well us our entire digestive system, in which causes our body to gain weight and grow in size. Without the accumulation of fats and toxins, there’s no chance for our body to increase weight.

Maple Syrup Diet is guaranteed to be a hundred percent safe. There are some clinical studies and experiments that show how this diet can speed your metabolism up to 15% faster. Stanley Burroughs also claimed that Maple Syrup Diet can be used to treat ulcer and other intestine problems as well as clearing up several skins problems. Feel free to contact your trusted health care expert today to learn more about Maple Syrup Diet and how it could drastically get you into shape fast.

Maple Syrup Diet or what we often called as “The Master Cleanse” diet plan is one of the most popular weight-loss programs today. Its reputation continues to rise as more and more people showing interest with this program. The objective of Maple Syrup Diet is to reduce the weights of your body through detoxification at the shortest possible period. People all over the world had been using this diet program for several decades now and most people who tried Maple Syrup Diet can testify the reliability of this program.

Aside from being so effective, Maple Syrup diet is also very easy to follow. This program contains a handful of recipes that are very easy to memorize. Maple Syrup ingredients are incredible inexpensive. Actually most of these ingredients are commonly already available in your home.
Here is a sample of Maple Syrup recipe that is good for a day of serving:

  • 60 ounces of filtered water
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper powder

Based on the instruction from the creator of Master Cleanse, you can mix this recipe with your favorite teas to make this menu more tasty and interesting. Since Maple Syrup diet is composing of all natural ingredients, it is guaranteed to be safe and won’t cause you harmful side effects. However, this is not something you should keep all your life. Maple Syrup diet should only last for few days, preferably just 3-10 days long to keep the balance of your nutrition.

Maple Syrup effectively helps to eliminate and prevent the accumulation of fats and other forms toxins inside your body. It works directly to support the health of your colon which leads to your proper digestion. This program also helps maintain the good flow of your blood throughout your body by providing relief from pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries as well as your blood vessels. Other internal organs that could benefit from this program are your kidneys, colon, and liver. Maple Syrup diet can also help purify your glands and cell, which promotes smoother and younger looking skin.

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